Reasons why manufacturers should be using social media

There are typically three approaches by businesses to social media

The ‘we’re in it to win it’ crew

These are manufacturers who have been using social media for a while, are competent, have PR/Social Media agencies like Dragonfly PR supporting them and have been seeing the benefits for a while.  We’re talking about companies like Gripple, Panel Systems etc.

The ‘we’re not on it and we’ve no intention of getting involved’ group

These companies are a dying breed.  If you asked a poll of 100 manufacturers two years ago the chances are around 60% would not have been on social media.  Now, a growing number are.  Some still state the fact that they may be criticised on social media as a reason that they don’t want to engage in it, however many are rapidly recognising the benefits.

And finally…

The ‘we’re thinking about it but need some help’ group

These are manufacturers who want to be on social media but are a little worried about taking that first step.  They may have set up a Twitter profile, Instagram and a LinkedIn page, but they don’t have many followers and not much content at the moment.  In short, they need a PR/Social Media agency like Dragonfly PR to help them out.

So what are the reasons why manufacturers and b2b companies need to be on social media and are they, in fact, missing out by not being on there?

  1. Social media helps to generate more traffic to a company’s website.

Social media when content is authentic and engaging will direct more traffic to a website.  This happens most of all when we also manage a company’s news and blogs, as we add regular content to a website and drive more traffic there by social media.  By reviewing Google Analytics you can see the number of referrals that come to the site from social media.

  1. Direct sales enquiries or contacts can result from social media posting, particularly on Linkedin.

Many of our manufacturing clients have found that when posting about projects they have worked on, or where they have helped a customer solve a problem, this has led to a direct sales enquiry.  If you have links from your posting to a case study or blog on your website, then it will undoubtedly increase traffic to your site. 

  1. Organisations putting out tenders for work often look at a manufacturers’ social media channels to find out whether they are active.

Regularly posting interesting content is a tester of how ‘switched on’ a company is.  If you are tendering for work, or looking to grow your client base, the chances are that a prospective customer will look you up on social media.  If your social media accounts are not regular updated or have been set up and just left, this can create a negative perception of your business.

  1. Find out what’s going on in the world – and be part of the conversation!

Social media is instantaneous and it’s often the best place to start if you’re searching for information about suppliers or customers, or generally just what is going on in your industry.  If you’re not on social media, then you can’t be part of the conversation.  If you are, then this opens up a whole new world to be able to engage directly with and network with anyone you want to!

Using search tools on Twitter and Linkedin enables you to find out which contracts may be up for grabs.  Many companies ask around on social media if connections know, for example, a good window manufacturing or a metal fabrication company. It is also possible to set up alerts on specific words on some social media channels, so you receive updates on anyone discussing your company’s particular product area or service.  This can help build engagement if you can respond to this.

  1. Social media allows you to communicate directly with their public – that’s why politicians and celebrities love it so much!

By increasing your followers, you can let even more people know about any interesting projects, products or services you have worked on, therefore spreading the word.  It is very easy for a potential customer to engage with you on social media, that’s why these channels need to be monitored and any sales leads responded to.

Here at Dragonfly PR we take care of planning and managing social media content and responding to any direct enquiries, to ensure our clients are seen as responsive and can make the most of any opportunities. We provide results-driven social media campaigns, which includes daily posting and monitoring, plus monthly reporting to demonstrate results.

So, if you are a manufacturer or b2b company that is not getting the results you want through social media, or if you don’t currently have any social media presence and would like someone to get this started and take care of it, please contact our social media team now on 0114 349 5645 or email:

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