Six Easy and Creative Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to brew up some wickedly good quick PR and marketing strategies for your business.

While the nature of B2B interactions might seem less inclined toward Halloween festivities, embracing the Halloween spirit and adding a touch of spookiness to your content can leave a lasting impression, increase engagement and generate leads.

Here are six simple Halloween marketing strategies for B2B companies.


Our Top Six Halloween Marketing Strategies For B2B Success


  1. Spooktacular giveaways

It might be too late to organise an in-person event, but it's not too late to dive into promoting Halloween-themed offers tailored to your B2B audience. And there’s nothing anyone loves more than a good old giveaway.

Spend the next week creating web content, invitations and offers, then host a two-week event. This allows you to build anticipation until Halloween, teasing last-minute offers, sales and discounts. Consider offering exclusive access to encourage engagement through your social media channels and create a buzz around your brand.


  1. Hashtag hunt

Create a unique and business-relevant Halloween hashtag for your brand. Encourage your team members, clients, partners or clients and use your business hashtag.

This will not only help you to establish a community online but it will also drive brand awareness. You might even be able to gather some user-generated content too. Specific hashtags are great for competitions and giveaways, so why not try pairing the two ideas together?


  1. Hold a contest

It wouldn't be Halloween without carving a pumpkin, right? So, why not host an online pumpkin carving contest? This way, you can engage with your followers, clients, and team members all at the same time! Encourage participation by offering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for the best-carved pumpkins.

Spread the word about your contest on social media, directing participants to register with their email addresses to build your subscriber list. Don't forget to include your unique hashtag in your social captions. 


  1. Content creation

Tweak your content marketing to align with the Halloween season. How playful and adventurous is entirely down to you and your brand. Develop blog and social media posts that combine your business insights with a touch of Halloween flair.

To encourage engagement, consider running a quiz on your social media platforms. Or encourage audience participation by sending them on a witch hunt across your website and socials.


  1. Emails

Why not use your email marketing channels to send out a Halloween-themed campaign to your subscribers? Do you have a competition, giveaway, or promotion you can shout about?

Maybe you just want to update your subscribers on what’s happening in your company. Need more ideas? Offer exclusive content or behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of what’s upcoming.

For example, is your business expanding? Do you have new starters joining, or are you fundraising? Perhaps you’re working on an exciting project or partnership. Be sure to use craft attention-grabbing subject lines that hook your subscribers.


  1. Halloween background

Do you have any upcoming online business meetings? Switch up your Zoom or Microsoft Teams background to a spooky Halloween theme.

This small touch can help your business and brand to foster a light-hearted atmosphere among team members and clients. Don’t be afraid to show off your brand’s personality.


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