Social media survey results revealed

To tie in with Social Media Week 2017, we carried out some social media research of our own. During February, we invited people to complete a short survey, either via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or our Dragonfly website, and answer some questions regarding current social media trends.

We had a great response to our survey with almost 120 people getting involved. Thank you to everyone who took part!

So, here are the results!

First of all, we asked participants to tell us which social media accounts they currently have. Unsurprisingly, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were joint most popular (85%), with LinkedIn in second place (75%). Pinterest came in third (70%), Google+ in fourth (48%) and Flickr in fifth (8%).

The second question asked participants how often, in a typical day, do you post on social media? 50% responded with once a week and 25% said a couple of times a week. 1-4 times per day, less than once per day and never all received 8% of the votes. We manage many of our client’s social media accounts, posting 1-2 times per day with relevant hashtags and non-sales based content to help with engagement and website traffic.

When asked which social media outlets participants used the most in a typical day, Facebook came out on top by a large margin (85%). Twitter came in second with 82% and Instagram in third with 78%. Using a variation of these social platforms is always a good way to target as many audiences as possible, but we recommend to choose the top three that work best for your business and stick with them.

We were really interested in the results to question four, which asked participants what time of day they are most likely to be using social media. As we expected, 7:15pm-9pm received the most votes (40%) with 9pm-midnight coming in second (26%). Interestingly, the hours within the working day (from 9:15am- 5pm) received the least amount of votes. This is something very important for businesses to consider. The time of posting on social media is equally as important as the message itself. It is still advised to post on social media during the hours of the working day but it may be worth exploring the idea of posting later or earlier within the day. These posts can be scheduled and the engagement can be monitored through analytics. We do this for our clients and ensure we have a clear plan for each one, including what time works best for their posts in relation to their business.

Finally, we wanted to understand the effects that social media can have on consumers, so we asked participants whether they have ever bought something as a result of social media. 50% answered yes, once or twice and 25% answered with yes, I do it all the time. With 20% was no, and I haven’t but I would. The results from this question are particularly positive, highlighting the real effects that social media can have on consumers. It reiterates the importance of social media for businesses and underlines the value of continuing to invest in these activities.

So, the results of our survey are very positive. It appears that Facebook is still dominant within the social media world, but results would suggest that many other outlets are equally valuable to a business.

We continue to work with business-to-business companies to generate results and achieve their objectives through planned social media campaigns.

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