Steel city PR agency helps manufacturers go global

In the age of globalisation there is no industry, company or sector that can confidently say they don’t need to market their products. Of course, companies have always done it, to a greater or lesser extent.  Whether it was attending an exhibition or advertising in a trade journal, it tended to be done as a low key, regional activity.

However, that all changed with the advent of the internet and growth of low cost countries, such as China, Brazil and India. Suddenly, customers could literally shop around the world to find the best deals and that meant UK manufacturing firms had to find USPs that made their product or service stand out from an overseas competitor.

What followed was a steep learning curve – both for manufacturing companies and marketing agencies, which had to fathom out, between them, what was the best way of dealing with globalisation. How do you get across the fact that your products are better value when the new ‘low cost’ options from China offered so much appeal – at least initially, anyway.

With our team having worked both on the client and agency side, we knew that one of the issues was, and still is, that few marketing and PR agencies specialised in the manufacturing and industrial sector.  As these were the sectors we understood best and had most experience in, we made the decision to focus on these areas.

The result is that we now have the knowledge to help manufacturing firms to market their products through integrated PR and digital media campaigns. Public Relations is one of the most effective method of communicating to a target audience of customers – unlike an advert you can get your message across in a well thought through fact-based article.

That’s where we come in. With our team of technical writers, we can tackle any subject in the industrial sector from bearing maintenance though to magnetic filtration. Aside from being able to put together these white-paper style articles, we build it into a PR campaign that includes online, social media, blogging andlink building.  We also offer a truly global PR service, as we have expertise in operating with many different industrial media around the globe.

The results speak for themselves. We’ve grown into one of the top UK B2B PR agencies, delivering effective ongoing marketing campaigns for manufacturing  and industrial companies. That’s only what you would expect from an agency with its roots firmly based in Sheffield, the city that still makes the best steel in the world!

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