The good, the bad and PR: Part 2

PR is a great way to showcase the companies and products that are worth shouting about and we love nothing more than helping people get their businesses off the ground by building and managing their reputation. From time to time you also get to sink your teeth into campaign management and put your focus on one particular aspect of the business that really needs or deserves promoting. From simple press office campaigns to larger more elaborate stunts, there are numerous ways to showcase a business and product in a bid to get it noticed by the masses.

Here we look at one PR and advertising campaign that has successfully raised awareness of its subject, for all of the right reasons.


'This Girl Can' from Sport England originally launched in 2015 and revolutionised the female sport community. The aim for the whole campaign, then and now, was to encourage more women and girls to get into sport and bridge the gender gap between male and female participation.

The campaign returned in 2017 and it certainly came back with a bang. It was bigger, better and more powerful than ever. Funded by The National Lottery, ‘This Girl Can’ returned to television screens with a new wave of inspiring stories from women who take part in sport. This time around, the age demographic was widened to encourage older women to get involved and get active. The ad featured real women taking part in various physical activities, set against the backdrop of Maya Angelou's reading of her iconic 1978 poem, 'Phenomenal Woman'.

The campaign successfully continued to encourage women to get active and share the message that it is okay not to look your best when exercising, it’s okay to sweat and it’s certainly okay to take your time. After all, one lap around the park at a slow pace is still faster than anyone sat on the sofa. In addition, it also helped create a community and a sense of security for women by helping them feel that they can be comfortable taking part in sport and being active. It also gave millions of women the confidence to exercise and have fun without fear of being judged or being bad at it. Thanks to Sport England, millions of females throughout the country strapped up their trainers and headed out with pride knowing that ‘This Girl Can’.

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