The hidden benefits of promoting a business in local/regional media

When we speak to clients, even those that operate nationally or internationally, many companies recognise the hidden benefits of appearing regularly in local or regional press… here we look at what those benefits are and how you can take advantage…

To enhance morale and motivation

The power of local media in spreading the good news about your company should not be underestimated.  This will be seen by your employees and their families (and customers) living locally and helps to enhance the feel-good factor and support staff retention.  Charity fundraisers make great PR stories and are in themselves a good motivator.  Showcasing a successful charity event, or an employee achievement, new recruit or award win can motivate individuals and internal teams, demonstrating that you are a great business to work for.

Filling job vacancies

No one wants to work for a company that they, their friends or family has never even heard of. This is where local publicity is really important. 

Having a consistent profile in the local and regional media, with a good mix of business or human-interest stories, creates greater awareness of the potential career opportunities that exist. 

For example, if a company showcases the success of its apprentices in regional media, it may encourage other young people to apply. Companies that regularly appear in local media do find that they attract more speculative CVs, therefore increasing their access to a potential talent pool and reducing recruitment costs.

And it’s not just for recruitment purposes, but for retention of employees too.

With employment levels at their highest on record – at 76% - then ensuring staff are engaged and retained within the business is so important.  Keeping staff and their families aware of news and developments in the business, via local media, helps to create a positive atmosphere, which has huge value.

Community engagement

Having an open dialogue with the local community can have a positive impact by reducing complaints from residents and ensuring that the business can exist in harmony. 

If the community is kept aware of any plans for expansion or environmental projects through local media, then they are less likely to lodge objections to any new developments. It also means a company can explain the reasons for their plans too. Producing a community newsletter can also help to enhance the relationship.

Sometimes company news isn’t always good news for the local community, which is why we have a crisis PR team on hand for when businesses are facing tough times. As we have good relationships with local editors this means that they know who to contact and this ensures that they come to us first to address any issues that local residents or councillors may have raised, to minimise any negative media coverage.

Creating a good impression

Having a local media presence can influence different stakeholders too. By being seen as an ethical, sustainable company with green credentials or one that really cares for its staff, can create a positive impression with influential people.

It also means that different stakeholders, including MPs, politicians, planners, customers and local business leaders, could be reached most effectively through the power of the media.

So, as you can see, there are many benefits of maintaining a presence in the local and regional media – and we have the contacts and skills to help you to do it. For more information call Dragonfly PR on Tel: 0114 349 5345 or email:

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