The importance of digital marketing and content creation in a crisis.

It's been a difficult few months, but we know from previous economic downturns that this present situation will pass, and when it does companies that have maintained a digital presence will come out of it more quickly. That shows it’s possible for companies not only to survive this crisis, but to come out ahead. That is, so long as they made smart marketing decisions during the lockdown. Those that took a knee-jerk reaction and effectively stopped all digital marketing might find that it has had a negative impact on their relationship with customers.

Conversely, those that continued to maintain a digital presence through social media, PR, SEO and blogging will find that they are in a much stronger position. That’s because your customers, even though they were working from home, were still very active online.  Carrying on digital marketing in this way helped our clients stay close to their customers, keeping them in front and centre of their minds.

In fact, smart companies realise that now is the time to make serious inroads against competition by implementing one of our digital marketing and content creation strategies. Businesses that engaged with their customers over the last eight weeks, which our clients did, will find themselves one step ahead post lockdown. We are now helping them leverage this position as customers once again look to place orders. Our digital marketing and content creation campaigns will make sure that these customers can find the products are services they need.

Digital marketing in this new world isn’t just about how you sell a product, though. We already have clients looking at how we can help them future-proof themselves against any other pandemic. Brands looking to achieve this post-lockdown, where digital working is the new normal, will seize the moment. This is why it’s so important to view digital marketing as a long term investment. It is essential to keep your brand in front of customers at all times – especially during a crisis.

While the coronavirus has been deeply worrying for all businesses, an effective digital marketing strategy can provide you with an opportunity for your business to thrive in the future. If any good has come out of the pandemic in terms of commerce it is that it has shone a light on how important it is for manufacturing and construction brands to make full use of the potential for digital marketing and content creation in order to strengthen relationship with their customers.

Now is the time more than ever to think about how we can help you to connect to customers in this new, super-digital landscape, where long term working will become much more common. The key to a successful digital marketing and content creation strategy is to make sure your brand has something to talk about beyond simply selling a product. The clients where we have been able to do that have gone on to create a truly valued relationship with their customers and are now much better-placed to come out of the lockdown and be stronger because of it.

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