Top 5 tips for using PR to generate sales enquiries

If you are on the lookout for high quality sales leads, here’s how you could use PR to your advantage:


Rule 1: Get social

You get better results if your PR company also takes care of your social media – because getting noticed online requires good quality content.

Rule 2: Work to a plan

Editors are looking for knowledgeable, insightful comment and will be happy to include this kind of quality written material. Authoritative industry comment pieces are best targeted towards editors that are running specific features – it pays to plan ahead to ensure inclusion in these features.

Rule 3: Quality over quantity

Still stands true. It’s no point in sending dozens of press releases in the hope that one of them will be picked up by the editor. They won’t! It is far better to put your efforts into a well written article about an industry issue relevant to your product or service that you know the editors will include.

Rule 4: Great photographs work It’s definitely worth arranging professional photography of the best projects you have worked on, as editors often look for an image to support the particular subject they are writing about. We have a network of architectural and commercial photographers based around the UK and can help to ensure you maximise publicity.

Rule 5: Unusual or quirky works Whether it’s a re-roof of a church, listed building or a Falcon nesting on site, editors are looking for entertaining stories, so something a litle bit unusual usually gets their interest!

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