Top manufacturing industry blogs to look out for

With a growing demand from manufacturers for quality online coverage, knowing which are the best blogs to target is essential. As a PR and digital agency that specialises in the manufacturing sector, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 industry blog sites to help get you in front of customers and improve your company’s search engine ranking.  

 The Manufacturer is one of the leading UK printed magazines in this sector, as well as having an excellent blog.  Its blog has a very active events schedule which attracts an engaged readership community and supports understanding between manufacturers and those looking for the products and services they provide 

 Make it British is a source of information on British-made brands and UK manufacturing. It provides in-depth news, reports and interviews about British-made products. If you love everything about British manufacturing, or are a UK manufacturer, then this certainly is the blog for you! 

Manufacturing Innovation Blog is run by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and focuses on varied topics from the workforce to advanced manufacturing and finance. It’s great for keeping in the know about trends in the industry and new workplace innovations

 Manufacturing Today is a publication for industry leader’s and helps executives at the senior boardroom and production levels keep in touch with the most important issues in America’s manufacturing scene, although being an online blog it is read around the world, including the UK. It has over 109,000 readers of influential status ranging from CEO’s to directors. Alongside the blog and magazine, the website features profiles on leading and emerging companies and reports on industry news/events. It also includes an in-depth blog by the Editor, Staci Davidson  

 Shopfloor is the blog from the National Association of Manufacturers. Its mission is to keep industry members up-to-date on policy changes, production cost fluctuations, global leadership, trade regulations and more.  It is regularly cited in many influential media outlets  

 The Engineer monthly magazine and blog covers the latest developments and business news in the engineering and technology sectors within the UK and internationally.  It contains in-depth articles and blogs regarding the latest technologies in the manufacturing market. It offers a great insight into the current opinions of manufacturing conversations and trends 

 The Manufacturing Transformation blog  provides a community forum to discuss the various topics of today’s global manufacturing transformation.  It allows manufacturing and supply-chain operations experts and others to share their perspectives, announcements, experiences and best practices is a great resource with excellent content full of news, commentary and analysis that is important to any manufacturer. It includes experts on a variety of aspects in the manufacturing industry 

Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine is one of the UK’s leading trade publications and one of the most highly regarded sources of the latest and greatest industry developments. It covers aspects of Manufacturing and Engineering over a vast number of sectors from aerospace to marine. This is done through the use of featured case studies on the industry’s leading professionals and trade news

Institution of Mechanical Engineers has over 113,000 members in 140 countries so this blog site really gets to the heart of the Mechanical Engineering profession. This influential blog provides up to date news in the mechanical engineering industry, and is relevant to all manufacturing organisations 

Appearing in these online blogs and publications doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a PR company Like Dragonfly PR Ltd that specialises in the manufacturing sector. We’ve been providing PR, blog and SEO services to the manufacturing sector for over 15 years. That gives us the knowledge, experience and proven track record to make sure you appear in the best magazines and blogs. The result is more visitors to your website and, ultimately, more enquiries for your products and services.

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