Top tips for manufacturers

Here are five quick tips for you to maximise your PR and marketing.

  1. Make sure you communicate your core values

Do you have clear core values?  Are you communicating these through your PR, marketing and on your website?

It is really important that you share your values through PR articles, blogs, web content and social media; whether your values include employee empowerment, equality, diversity, trust or sustainability.  We can help you to demonstrate that you practice what you preach, through customer case studies, newsletters and blogs.  It is also important to link your values with good causes that you can support.  We recommend using quotations from customers that support your core values, also quotations and Vox Pop video case studies from staff.  We would incorporate your values within the press releases and articles, enhancing your credibility and providing reassurance to customers.

  1. Speak out

The media is always on the look-out for authoritative speakers in industry.  Whether you are a manufacturer of tools, building materials, components, engine parts, chemicals or anything else. 

Here at Dragonfly PR our expertise lies in ensuring our manufacturing clients become the voice of the industry.  Utilising our contacts in the media, we can write in-depth articles on relevant topical issues, providing information, thought leadership articles, tips and advice.  This type of advisory content is great for ranking in Google searches and for helping you to generate more traffic to your website.  Where we write informative articles online, we always request the media provide a backlink, which is incredibly valuable to your SEO and Google ranking.

As well as seeking magazine and online opportunities that position you as the experts in what you do, we can also secure speaker opportunities at seminars and events.  In addition, we create webinars, podcasts and video content where we can ensure the message is spread as widely as possible.

  1. Demonstrate your sustainability

Some of the great successes we’ve had with our manufacturing clients have been in the area of sustainability.  We have helped clients to promote their green credentials, by showing real life examples of how they have reduced their carbon footprint and switched to local sourcing from UK-based suppliers. 

Do you have a plan to reach net zero carbon?  We can help you to create a sustainability roadmap, which could include an infographic to be shared via your website, directly to customers and to new prospects.  Often sustainability is the key to building many businesses, as customers are very conscious of buying from suppliers that are minimising their impact on the environment.  This includes having strong policies throughout your manufacturing process for recycling, reuse of waste, using minimal packaging, reducing air miles and sourcing from local suppliers, which provides low embodied carbon.

Here at Dragonfly PR we are your partner for promoting your sustainability credentials, whether that is through thought leadership articles, social media, blogs, videos or directly to customers.  We can create a PR and digital marketing campaign to enhance your sustainability, to demonstrate your credentials and to grow your business.

  1. Make interesting social media content

Is your social media getting a bit old and tired? We can create visually interesting and interactive graphics that really ramp up your presence.  How about infographics?  Do you have statistics and figures about your industry that we can recreate pictorially and share, as this often creates increased levels of engagement.   How about carrying out a poll on Facebook or a survey on Twitter?

Why not give our social media team the chance to come up with a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter campaign? This will help you to engage with increasing numbers of quality followers, enhance impressions and engagements and generate more traffic to your website.

  1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone knows you!

Consistency in the media, on your blog, on social media and at events is key.  By working with Dragonfly PR, we can put together an ongoing programme of activity including press releases, blogs, case studies and thought leadership articles.

It just doesn’t work if you don’t commit 100 per cent to PR – successful businesses need consistent marketing activities.

With the lockdown now over, many manufacturers are actively seeking new customers, staff and suppliers, which means it really is a great time to begin a new PR and digital marketing campaign.  So many of our clients have had their businesses transformed by marketing campaigns that are hard hitting, well targeted and consistent.

We often hear clients say, we don’t know if we have enough news to keep you busy….this is a great indication that they do need a consistent PR and social media campaign to ensure they retain their position in the market place and keep an edge on the competition.  You cannot rely on the existing customer base to deliver tomorrow’s future sales, businesses need to constantly be seeking new customers as there is always an attrition rate and this can lead to a decline in business.

Through our dedicated PR campaign, we can work to help you achieve your business objectives and really make a difference.

Interested in finding out more about PR services for manufacturers and building products companies?  Take a look at our case studies and drop us a line or call 0114 349 5341.

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