Was Ecobuild a hit or a miss?

Ecobuild recapThere has been much discussion over the past few years as to whether Ecobuild, the construction industry’s largest sustainability, design and energy event, is still ‘what it used to be’. In our latest blog, we look at whether Ecobuild 2015 has lived up to expectations.

Let’s start with the stats. With well over 800 exhibitors, the number of stands at this year’s Ecobuild increased 5% on last year’s 787. With plenty of exhibitions to see, visitors were spoilt for choice by companies that supply the construction sector.

And, they didn’t just keep this info to themselves – Ecobuild has always had a huge social media presence and this year was no different. With hashtags such as #Ecobuild100 and #Ecochat it is no surprise that Twitter was the social media platform that gained the most visitor interaction, but was it all good?

We conducted our own survey to see the types of comments that were being posted about Ecobuild online. Looking at tweets that hashtagged #ecobuild we found that a huge 88% of these were positive.

‘How-to’ product demonstrations got the most positive feedback on Twitter, with many people sharing links to videos that have been uploaded on YouTube and other channels.

Obviously, there were a few negatives, with some users stating that a number of stands and areas in the arena didn’t receive very much footfall.

None of these comments received as many mentions as the next though….. The Dulux dog was there! Now, you can take this either two ways – great the dog was there from the TV advert, but was that really the most interesting thing you saw at the event? Is it telling us something that the Dulux dog was Ecobuild’s biggest headline?

Even though the Dulux dog had (arguably) a lot to do with the success of this year’s Ecobuild, there is no denying that the event was a hit. Ecobuild has a loyal following and an impressive rate of returning visitors.   What’s certain is that Ecobuild remains the industry’s most prominent and impressive event.

So, if you are a visitor and didn’t get the response you hoped for at Ecobuild, or if you’re a visitor who is thinking of exhibiting another time, why not get in touch with our PR and social media team?

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