We welcome the mobile friendly algorithm!

So mobile friendly websiteit’s finally arrived – April 21st 2015, the day that Google’s latest algorithm change comes into effect and experts have warned that it could impact more sites than the Panda or Penguin updates!

The algorithm focuses on penalising the search engine ranking position of websites which are not ‘mobile friendly’ and do not provide a good user experience to those visiting from a mobile device.

The ranking positions of these websites will only be affected on mobile devices (ranking positions will stay the same on PCs), however with an estimated 50% of all Google searches conducted on mobile devices, the impact this may have on a website is substantial.

So, advice from the experts is, now is the time to have your website updated to be mobile-responsive, if it isn’t already.

Our previous blog on the reasons why you should embrace mobile search may help – read it here. To summarise:

  1. Your site could be instantly downgraded in search engines if you disregard your mobile visitors
  2. With over 60% of us owning a smart phone, the use of mobile internet is continually increasing
  3. Wearable technology is on the rise – especially with the Apple watch ‘representing a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology’
  4. Not embracing the mobile user will alienate a huge proportion of your target market
  5. A mobile friendly website can lead to quick and easy sales

Our web team are welcoming this latest algorithm change – it’s going to give the mobile user a better all-round web experience. We recommend that you have a free website health check with Dragonfly PR at least every two years to ensure that you keep up to date with changes and that you continue to meet your customers’ needs.

Not sure whether your site is mobile friendly? Google’s quick and easy mobile-friendly website tester tool will let you know – have a go, here.

If you’ve not got the result you’d hoped for, speak to our design team about how we can make your site mobile friendly, on 017090 300 130 or email enquiries@dragonflypr.co.uk

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