What are the benefits of NBSPlus library?

Building product manufacturers are always looking for new and better ways of communicating with existing and new customers. That in itself is good because it means the most creative companies are able to give themselves an edge over competition. As a result we’ve seen more of our clients that target specifiers ask us to run their social media campaigns – mainly because we specialise in the construction sector, which means we are able to create relevant, interesting and persuasive comment.

However, you should try and resist going down the route of ‘newsness for the sake of newsness’ too much. A little is good, because it gives you the edge over competitors, however, often, the traditional approaches with a modern slant work just as well.

Take NBSPlus for instance, a service that has been around for longer than most of us can remember (over 40 years to be exact), yet one that has moved with the times – it now all done online at www.thenbs.com. And what a great service it is – they have even developed an NBS National BIM Library.

So, is it worth subscribing to NBSPlus? Well, specialising in the construction sector has given us a useful insight into what are the benefits and in our experience clients find it increases specification opportunities for their products.

We’ve recently helped our client Eltherington set their architectural metal work solutions on NBSPlus, by putting together the specification outlines. NBSPlus has already become one of their top referring sites when we look at Google Analytics, which just goes to show that it’s definitely one way of communicating with architects, specifiers and designers.

The answer to the questions, them, is that NPSPlus has definitely helped our clients in the construction sector. Of course, it needs to be supported by other marketing communications activity, which is why we also put together social media, seminars and press releases, to raise awareness that they are accessible via NBSPlus.

The team at NBSPlus are really helpful, so give them a call to find out (we have no commercial connection or other with them), just providing useful, honest feedback.

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