What does Google’s latest mobile algorithm mean for you?

What does Google’s latest mobile algorithm mean for you?

Around 12 months ago Google rolled out its first version of its mobile-friendly algorithm, which resulted in a huge response from businesses approaching their web designers to ensure their websites were mobile-responsive to avoid the risk of being penalised.

The latest update to this algorithm rolled out in May 2016 is set to give an additional ranking boost to mobile friendly websites in mobile search results.

As reported recently on digital magazine SearchEngineLand, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller announced it by saying, “The mobile changes mentioned here are now fully rolled out.”

So what does this mean for businesses?  Google’s webmasters tell us that if you’re already running a mobile-friendly site, then you don’t have to worry.  However, if your site is not mobile-responsive, this is the time to have it updated – so please get in touch with our web design team.

The roll out of this algorithm has taken quite a while, due to the time it takes Google to assess each page of a website.  However, some businesses will already have seen ranking and traffic changes as a results of the new algorithm, depending on how fast Google indexes all pages on the site.

Don’t forget to check the Google mobile friendly tool to see if you are mobile friendly – click here.

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