Which is worse, no Twitter, or a rarely updated one?

Our social media team has recently noticed a spike in the number of companies that have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts that are visible on their websites but where they haven’t tweeted or posted for months.  This prompted a discussion amongst our team the other day about which is worse, having no social media presence at all, or having a rarely populated Twitter/LinkedIn account?

We all agreed that it did actually look worse if a company has set up social media channels but doesn’t actually get round to using them very much.  Many businesses these days check out their suppliers or potential suppliers’ social media channels to see what they are discussing as it gives a reflection of how ‘up to date’ they are.  A poorly updated social media account is a sign of being ‘out of touch’ and could be viewed negatively by potential customers.

So what can be done?

Often it’s the case that the business does not have a dedicated person within their team that can devote time to writing and posting tweets or posts on a daily basis.  When this is the case, many companies choose to outsource their social media management to Dragonfly PR.  As a dedicated business-to-business PR agency specialising in construction and manufacturing, we have the expertise to be able to create meaningful and engaging tweets and social media posts. 

The first thing we do is to create a social media schedule, usually for the next three months.  This contains key themes and identifies most relevant and popular hashtags in your industry.  We then start to populate this, giving the client full visibility of all posts we will be adding.  Many of our clients once they have seen the calibre of our posts, leave us to get on with it without having to approve every one – but the option is there if they want to. 

We have monthly meetings with clients to discuss social media plans, ongoing activities and events within the business.  We also complement the social media activity with regular blogs and press releases that we update to our clients’ websites, with in-built links and keywords to enhance SEO.  When we share these through social media, it can have a significant impact on traffic levels to a website. The benefit to our clients is that we take care of their social media presence, so this gives a much better impression to customers.

Alternatively, we recommend that if social media accounts are not going to be populated, they should be removed.  There is no benefit to a company of having inactive social media accounts that have not been updated for weeks or months.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about how we could help to increase your engagement and identify new business opportunities for your company through social media, email hello@dragonflypr.co.uk or call 01709 300130.

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