White Papers - what they are and why you need one

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a report or document that informs readers about a complex issue, with the aim of helping the reader to better understand it, to solve a problem or to make a decision.  White Papers are regularly produced by our PR team in response to clients’ requirements, often to explain quite complex or technical issues.

What are the steps involved in producing a White Paper?

The first step is that we agree with you a subject for the White Paper.  This may involve our team speaking to your technical or sales staff to discuss topical industry issues.  Once a topic is agreed, we carry out in-depth research into the subject, sourcing legislative documents, carrying out research and other accessing documents and source material to reference in the white paper.  We then decide on the headings we’re going to work to and carry out in-depth interviews with the clients’ technical manager or other client contacts and start writing the White Paper.

Often the length of our white papers can run from 1,000 to 5,000 words.  There is obviously a great deal of time involved in the research and preparation of a White Paper, but they are well worth the effort.  We also interview any independent third parties, such as universities, associations or organisations linked to the topic.

What format do White Papers take?

Once the White Paper is written, we submit it for the client’s approval.  We then seek approval of any other third parties involved in the paper.  Once approval is given, we hand the copy over to our creative team and they produce a professionally designed document which we submit for the client’s approval.  We create our own graphics, icons, infographics and charts to demonstrate the data in a visually appealing way.  Once finalised, we can either provide this to the client as a PDF to use on their website, or have them professionally printed so they can be mailed to customer contacts. Often when a White Paper is written, we then offer them as exclusive articles to key magazines.

Many of our clients have had very positive reports from customers to their White Papers.  It helps to position you as the industry experts and can lead to an enhanced level of sales enquiries.

One of the best ways of capturing sales leads from a white paper is to upload it to your website as a downloadable document. Potential customer who enter their contact details and opt-in can then be added to your CRM database

What subjects can be covered in a White Paper?

Pretty much any in-depth topical or technical subject can be discussed in a White Paper.  The best ones are definitely those which answer a problem that your customer may be facing.  We’ve covered so many different subjects for clients over the years, topics include how continuous temperature monitoring of oxygas borosilicate furnaces can enhance plant performance and reduce downtime, how closed cell acoustic insulation is the answer to ease sleep disturbances, how leaves on the line can be avoided to stop disruption of rail services, considerations for specification of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems in homes; latest developments in machine guards to keep manufacturing environments safe, how specifiers can help meet fire regulations whilst creating a physical access barrier that prevents unauthorised people from entering secure areas within a building; Tackling the risk of electrostatic ignition during FIBC discharge opening; An in-depth look at aluminothermic welding systems and how they enhance weld traceability across rail sector; right through to how the search for nutritious high fibre foods is shaping food manufacturers decision regarding ingredient inclusions.

We would like you to produce a White Paper, how do we get started?

In the first instance, get in touch with our PR team who are responsible for writing White Papers.  We specialise in writing on a whole range of industrial and construction-related topics.  We can give you an idea of cost for writing and producing a White Paper that could have a huge impact on your business.

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