Why B2B companies should be using LinkedIn.

On several occasions we’ve spoken with clients about the importance of maintaining a presence on social media and one of the points we often like to make is the value of having a LinkedIn profile. More than 90% of the UKs B2B companies are now on LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has more than 433 million members in 200 countries around the globe and is proving to be a valuable social media outlet for B2B organisations.

The main purpose of LinkedIn is to connect business professionals as well as allowing other users to search for businesses they may like to engage with. There are a number of benefits for any business using LinkedIn but here are the top reasons why we think B2B companies, particularly in the construction sector, can benefit from using LinkedIn.

  • Finding new customers and new customers can find you- Having a LinkedIn profile can act as a quick and easy search tool to find potential customers operating within your sector. LinkedIn allows companies to generate new leads, often resulting in new business opportunities. There is potentially a huge audience waiting to view what your company has to offer on LinkedIn, so this approach to gaining new custom is growing in popularity.
  • Integration of websites- LinkedIn allows you to integrate your LinkedIn profile page with your business website, which can help to drive traffic and increase the chance of further business enquiries. With business communities proving popular on LinkedIn, sharing articles and comments can work especially well for B2B businesses. This is because these business communities and conversations are also indexed by Google and are displayed in search engine results (SEO). Being a part of this can really help to positively boost your ranking.
  • It can position you as the expert in a specific area- With LinkedIn you can express what your specialist areas are, for example which type of construction products you supply. You can also use LinkedIn’s blogging facility Pulse to position yourself by writing about industry-relevant issues, such as legislation. This can help other businesses learn more about you and your areas of interest, making your business more approachable to them.

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