Why building product manufacturers need to be ready for changes coming to Google

Major changes coming up in May to Google’s search algorithm will mean that greater weighting is given to page experience of visitors. The update will take expected user experience into consideration for ranking in search results. In order to understand how a user will view their experience of a specific web page, Google will evaluate a set of signals. These include how quickly a page loads, if it’s mobile-friendly, runs on HTTPS, has intrusive interstitials and whether content jumps around as the page loads.

The rationale behind the Google Page Experience update is that it will provide information about the quality of a web page’s experience, which can be helpful to users in choosing the search result that they want to visit. The updated algorithm will be measured by a new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals.

In reality, the changes won’t have a great impact on our clients’ website and SEO because we have made sure many of the Page Experience signals already factor into their platforms. However, the Page Experience update will give our SEO team greater scope to make sure our clients’ products and services consistently rank higher than their competitors. That’s why we’ve been working with clients to make sure their website and SEO strategies take into account the latest algorithm updates from Google.

Mind you, great content will still be the more important factor when it comes to maximising your SEO and SERP, with Google on record as saying that great content with a poor page experience can still rank highly in Google search.

That is fine when you are offering page content that is unique, however, in most cases there are multiple pages that have similar content. In this situation, page experience becomes much more important for visibility in search results, so it’s definitely worth making sure your SEO partner focuses on this area. It’s why having both great quality content and great page experience are the best way to ensure your brand consistently performs well in search results.

There are a number of ways that we identify how users perceive their ‘experience’, such as Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights. Then there is Search Console's Core Web Vitals report, which is an effective way to identify opportunities for improvement.


At Dragonfly our goal is to help construction and manufacturing brands make sure their customers find their website at the top of search rankings. Our SEO and content creation strategies, which are founded on high quality written and visual content, focus on creating the best experiences and ensure that customers can find the information they're looking for.

Over the next few months, we will be incorporating more page experience signals into our construction and manufacturing clients’ websites and SEO as we refine their platforms. We hope that this blog has given you a flavour of the changes that will be introduced in May 2021 as well as some of the opportunities it presents your brand. It is always better to prepare in advance.

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