Why content marketing is more important than ever

Online trading is essential as b2b companies are being hit, like so many other sectors, by the impact of COVID-19. Over the next few months business owners need to be more innovative and proactive than ever before, as strict isolation rules mean face-face meetings are prohibited. In addition, tradeshows and conferences up and down the country, which are often some of the key events for securing new leads and sales, are cancelled. 

Currently many businesses have changed the way their internal communications work, with employees working from home and virtual team meetings taking place using online video platforms such as Zoom. However, to continue to operate successfully, b2b companies need to also consider changing the way they target and interact with customers, not just over the next few months, but for the longer term.

Over the past few years online business transactions and searches for b2b services have continued to increase - and it is certain that they will do so more rapidly now during these unprecedented times as people rely on the internet to find suppliers and buy products. In fact, as the demand for food and FMCG products rises, our clients in these sectors are seeing an increase in orders for their products online from stockists as well as consumers.

This may also be the case in other sectors. For example, as architects work remotely, they will be turning to online suppliers to source materials and manufacturing and construction services ready for when sites re-open. There is also evidence that self-builders will also be looking to use the spare time to plan their dream home. As such, building product manufacturers should be maximising awareness now and in the coming months so they can make themselves more visible online.

It has therefore never been more important for b2b businesses to have a strong online presence and a key way to maintain this is through a robust and strategic content marketing strategy.

The goal of any content marketing strategy is to improve where your website ranks on Google and other search engines to increase awareness of your business, generate leads and create new customers. To be successful, a comprehensive content or digital marketing plan will need to include of a number of key factors; keyword enriched blogs, social media schedules, e-newsletters, case studies, company news updates and thought leadership articles/features on third party sites such as online trade magazines.

Creating this type of content is imperative for improving your company’s online presence and in turn its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - the position that your website appears at in the search results returned by sites such as Google.

If Google views your website as a trusted source, the higher you will rank in its search results. In order to gain Google’s trust however your site must include organic and quality content that is enriched with keywords that your audience will use. It also needs to be recognised as being a valuable source of information. So, blogs, news articles and case studies that answer key questions posed by your audience will go a long way in improving SEO and in turn driving traffic to your website.

Creating quality, online content that new and existing customers may find valuable is also a great way to maximise engagement with your target audience. To do this you need content that is organic, isn’t overly salesy and is useful to visitors in some way, for example a blog on the latest industry trends and how your company can support customers in meeting these, which is then shared through an e-newsletter and across social media. This extends the customer experience further than the initial sale, makes the information available on other platforms and positions your company as a leading voice within the industry and the go to business for topical advice.

In addition, quality content marketing that includes securing articles with third-party website such as online trade magazines like Manufacturing Today and Construction News, and industry blogs will also improve your website’s SEO. The more ‘backlinks’ to your site exist, the more Google sees it as a reliable source. Think of it as a virtual recommendation – as more external sites direct their visitors to click through to you, the more Google is likely to do the same; the higher on the search engine’s list of results you sit the more you are likely to gain an increase in visitors to your website.

Finally, suppliers that already providing customers with the option to purchase online and offer delivery, are already ahead of the curve and should be communicating this as often as possible across all platforms, particularly social media, to gain new customers.

To summarise…

By maintaining or implementing a bespoke and strategic marketing campaign that positions your company as the go to business for online trade and services relatable to your target audience, the more likely you are to continue brining in businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Here at Dragonfly PR, our digital marketing experts have years of experience in helping businesses to maximise their online presence, through dedicated SEO and Content Marketing campaigns and effective social media management.

We work alongside our clients as an extension of their teams to create a comprehensive and effective PR & Content Marketing strategies that not only makes them stand out against their competitors but also meets their needs and those of their target audience.

We also regularly review and monitor your content marketing strategy to ensure that it continues to push the boundaries and exceeds expectations.

Plus, with the latest technology to hand, such as video calling and virtual meeting platforms, we can do all of this remotely, without the need for a face to face meetings - ideal during the current isolation period or for international companies looking to work with a UK based b2b agency.

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