Why do we need a PR agency?

The other day I was talking to a potential client.  They were a SME company, one of those where the MD is a bit of a jack of all trades and tries to do most things himself, sometimes not as well as he should (dare I say…).

After inviting me in for a meeting, one of the first (and I must admit, rather unusual) things he said was“Go on, convince me, why do I need a PR agency?”

So that got me thinking, maybe other companies are thinking this too… hence this blog.

5 good reasons why you need a PR agency

  1. We take away all the hassle of dealing with media enquiries, media sales calls and having to spend a fortune on advertising.  We deliver your messages clearly and subtly through well drafted press releases, articles and case studies that sell the benefits of what you do without switching customers off.
  2. We generate good quality original content that we add to your website to keep it regularly updated, Google ranks websites that regularly update their content higher, which of course helps to give you a better search engine ranking. We can also draft content for other blog sites run by influential bloggers and magazines and where we can secure links back to your site, adding an authoritative link.
  3. We can monitor and report back on Google Analytics. This means that we can let you know which online articles and blogs have been most successful.  We can also set goals through Google Analytics, which makes our PR and online campaign fully transparent and we can report on return on investment.
  4. We can take care of your whole PR and digital media, including Search Engine Optimisation and social media. This falls well within the remit of a PR agency like Dragonfly PR, which means we are continually generating content that we can blog and tweet about.
  5. We position you as the experts, by writing technical, topical and authoritative articles on your behalf that we negotiate free of charge into your main magazines.  These require a minimum of input from yourself and we can write 1,000-1,500 words that the magazine will run over 2-3 pages with photographs.  Research shows that the value of this type of article is 7 times that of an advert, so definitely worthwhile and a great way to generate results.

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5 reasons

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