Why domain authority and backlinks matter with a B2B PR Strategy

 Businesses often ask us the question; How do you measure the results of a PR campaign? One of the ways we do this effectively for our B2B PR campaigns is to monitor link building.

As part of this measure, we also consider the number of high domain authority (DA) links that have been created, as well as reporting on average DA throughout the month, quarter or campaign duration.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is important because it represents how well your website ranks on Google, helping your site's credibility and performance against competitors. In simple terms, the more high quality bank links you have (those from websites with high domain authority), the better your website will perform in Google and other search engine results.

We have worked with clients that have set a high ‘paid for’ budget to create these all important back links. In our experience, this doesn’t generate as many links as you would expect, with the issue being that as soon as the budget is reassigned to another media platform, many of the back links drop off.

It’s one of the reasons why we recommended that companies in the B2B sector consider the merits of gaining back links through B2B PR campaign. Firstly, it is much more cost effective compared to online advertising and has the clear benefit that once the editorial is secured on an external website, including a link, it stays there indefinitely. During this time, it continues to drive your performance in search engine results.

It’s a fact that our ability to earn back links as part of our B2B Digital PR campaign and measure these links has been the biggest driver of growth in our PR agency over the last few years.

The key to really driving home these benefits is to target industry websites with high domain authority.  Take, for example, recent press coverage we achieved for one of our clients in Building magazine, which created two back links to their website. What is significant about this is that Building magazine’s website has a domain authority of 73 (very high).

Domain Authority (DA) provides a score out of 100, which is a measure of how authoritative a site is in the eyes of search engines like Google, plus how likely it is to rank for specific keywords based on its SEO authority.

Generally speaking, the higher Domain Authority a site has the more authoritative it will be seen by search engines. As an example, websites like the BBC have a domain authority of 93. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Within the construction sector, an area of PR in which we specialise, Building magazine is one of the leading journals – on par with Construction News and Construction Enquirer (both of which we get regular coverage for our clients). Here’s a recent example, with CE having a DA of 71, which, again, is high.

Gaining coverage with a trackable back link in a construction, manufacturing or other B2B website with a high-ranking Domain Authority is a really effective way of increasing our clients’ page rankings and SEO authority.

The benefits of gaining more back links include improvements in your own website’s domain authority and more organic traffic to your website over the long term (rather than relying on PPC or online advertising).

Ultimately, though, what our B2B back link strategies result in is more sales leads for our clients.

We are a B2B PR and digital marketing agency that specialise in the construction and manufacturing sectors. We have established contacts in the media; a team of technical copywriters and industry experience. Over the years this has helped us building back links for clients that have been transformational for their brand.

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