Why entering awards should be an important part of your marketing and communications plans

When it comes to advising clients that they should enter awards we usually get one of two reactions; enthusiasm or apathy. There have been numerous times when we have come across a business owner or MD that believes entering awards is a little too much like blowing your own trumpet. Many also think that there are other more important things to focus on when looking at putting together an annual PR schedule.

Granted, we would never suggest substituting sharing company news with entering an award. However whether it’s regional, business, trade or consumer; if it’s relevant to the client and worthwhile to the business we would always recommend submitting an entry. Not just because we think it would look great displayed in the reception of the head office, but because winning and even being shortlisted can offer a multitude of benefits. Here are just a few of them....

Raise credibility and standout within the sector

An award gives a great endorsement to your business or product. It provides further assurance to your customers and partners that your company is the best or certainly one of the leaders within your sector and that the services you provide are of the highest quality. Winning a business or trade award also differentiates you from your competitors, and can provide a real advantage when retaining customers. After all, ‘award winning’ makes you sound much more attractive that the competition.

Attract new custom

Businesses who regularly enter and win awards report increased sales and income against businesses who don’t enter awards. Making it to the final or even taking away an award shows yours is a trustworthy and reliable company. As many award ceremonies, in particular business and regional, include finalists working in a variety of sectors, there is also a high chance that you could attract custom from someone on the shortlist of another category.


If the awards are organised by an independent or industry body as opposed to a media outlet, even being nominated makes a great PR story that is likely to be covered by regional business media. You will also usually be given the opportunity to use the awards branding on your website, email signatures and marketing materials, which acts as a stamp of approval amongst your peers and customers.

If the award is organised by regional or trade media, such as the Yorkshire Post or The Manufacturer, then it is very likely that your company will feature within a shortlist story and awards supplement, usually in print and online with the title. If you win, then it is also highly likely that you will continue to receive coverage from the magazine or paper afterwards, with a winners profile and sometimes a business update featuring a few months on.

Boost morale

There is nothing better for boosting an employee’s morale than gaining recognition for the work that they have done. Whether it’s the efforts of one colleague or a whole team that has got you there, nominating their hard work shows that you not only appreciate it, but that you are also so proud of it that you are willing to put it forward for the rest of the industry to see and judge. Making the shortlist and inviting them to revel in their achievements during the awards evening is just the cherry on top, even if they don’t win, they will definitely feel proud either way.

Attract talent

An award win, especially an industry award, will also help to attract future talent to your company as you will be seen as a great place to work, with fantastic career prospects. A shiny trophy or sparkling glass ornament, alongside happy staff, will certainly help you and the rest of the office standout as business to work for.

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