Why good content is essential in SEO

It’s a fact….Good content is an essential part of any SEO strategy.

SEO no longer operates as a technical entity, working separate from other marketing disciplines.

Google has changed its algorithms considerably since those days and it is content generation that now forms the foundations of an effective SEO strategy.

That means SEO is now part of a much wider and integrated approach to marketing. It’s one of the reasons why PR agencies, like Dragonfly PR, are usually the best people to create and deliver an SEO strategy. From the outset we are able to generate ongoing high-quality content and get it placed on highly credible external sites.

The impact that good content marketing can have on your SEO ranking is difficult to underestimate. Take just one example; when we secure an online article on a leading industry website such as Construction News or Professional Engineering, it will be far more credible, influential and believable to your potential customers than PPC (Pay per click) or online advertising.

And, unlike these last two, good quality content stays online indefinitely, meaning that if your SEO strategy is based on content generation it will continue to help you long after your PPC or online advertising budget has been used up.

Regularly updated content to a website gives an indication to the search engines that this is an influential source, thus it should appear higher up the results for more relevant search terms. An effective SEO strategy, using quality content also increases customer engagement with your brand when it appears in search results, and again that is something search engines value highly.

As an integrated PR and content marketing agency we are able to create highly effective SEO strategies that engages your brand with a greater number of customers. Using our innovative approach to analytics and keyword identification we can make sure that your product and services appear higher in search rankings than your competitors.

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