Why PR is important for manufacturing firms

Traditionally, public relations for the manufacturing sector focused on white paper style articles in niche industry journals. However, the advent of the internet made PR for industrial companies much faster moving, for example, blogging opened up huge opportunities to help customers quickly find your products and services. That, of course, requires manufacturing companies to have a PR strategy that brings together both offline and online capabilities.

As a PR company that specialises in the manufacturing and industrial sectors we have helped many leading engineering businesses to capitalise on these new media platforms. A great example of this occurred recently when one of the white paper articles that we had written for a client generated a sales lead, and resulted in them securing an order worth £26,400. The email from our client read: “Some feedback for you. The attached feature has resulted in a £26k order for us, email chain below explains in more detail. It just goes to show that PR does work. Best regards Simon.”

Along with blogs, social media is making a real difference to the number of sales leads received by our manufacturing clients. The best way of getting the most from this modern media is to have a combination of planned tweets and LinkedIn posts, interspaced with reactive posts that respond to daily news stories.

An excellent example of this is our campaign to raise awareness of air pollution, which results in 50,000 deaths each year. Our social media posts and key PR messages highlight how our client’s catalytic converters can cut emissions from older vehicles to near zero – therefore significantly improving indoor air quality.

In summary, PR for manufacturing companies has changed beyond recognition over the last few years. That’s why, whenever we are asked the question; how can PR work in the manufacturing sector, we are happy to showcase how we have achieved real, tangible results for B2B companies.

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