Why the Building Safety Act is an opportunity for building product manufacturers

In May, the long-awaited Building Safety Act was introduced in England, central to which is a new Building Safety Regulator within the Health & Safety Executive, who will have to approve higher risk residential projects over 18m at the planning application and building control stages.

Architects acting as Principal Designers will be responsible for keeping an account of how the building has been designed and how design decisions were made relating to fire and structural safety.

In addition, there will be a National Regulator for Construction Products (NRCP) within the existing office for product safety and standards.  The regulator will have powers to withdraw unsafe products from the market and issue penalties against suppliers or manufacturers who fail to meet compliance rules on information.  If a building product is proven to be defective or carrying out marketing in a misleading way, the company will become liable to pay damages to people affected by the building.

This is quite a significant change within construction products – reinforcing the need for products to be correctly marketed and sold and accurately specified.

This is indeed good news for the industry, helping to drive up standards and offering better protection to tenants and homeowners. 

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