Why we’re supporting UK Construction Week!

Does the industry need its own week and will companies in this sector actually see any benefit?  Here we look at the reasons why we think UK Construction Week is a really good idea...

  1. It’s a great way to raise the profile of the industry

UK Construction Week gets people talking about construction in a positive way.  The construction industry is often used as a benchmark for how the economy is performing as a whole.  If construction output dips, the sector can get its share of negative press.   As an industry that is very closely linked to the housing market and Government spending on housing and infrastructure, it can be volatile, so having a week where construction activity is celebrated and showcased can only be a good thing.  Often the construction industry and building product manufacturers don’t not get the recognition they deserve in creating towns and cities where people from the UK and overseas want to live and work.  Here in the UK we have a proud tradition of hundreds of years of quality craftsmanship and some of our historic and modern buildings are the envy of the world.  The best way to get a complete picture of the construction industry is to visit the nine construction shows being held at the NEC 18-20 Oct.   For more details, click here....

  1. It is a great networking event

UK Construction Week and its nine exhibitions provide lots of networking opportunities for businesses and individuals.  It brings together industry leading figures, giving them a platform to share knowledge and expertise and promote the UK construction industry on an international basis.  It also allows individuals to gain new contacts, identify recruitment opportunities and for construction businesses to showcase their skills and new products.  A number of the construction trade press will be attending Construction Week events, which again provides the opportunity for businesses to interface directly with the media, share their experiences – and most importantly, secure positive coverage! 

We will be representing a number of construction clients who are exhibiting at construction week, helping them to secure editor meetings, generating footfall to their stand through social media and competitions and launching new products that will really get people talking!

  1. Spreading the word through social media

UK Construction Week is a great way to get people talking about construction on social media.  The hashtag #UK_CW is already starting to trend and it is helping to boost the social media accounts of construction-related and building product businesses, large or small, who use it.   As a construction PR agency, we will be sharing news and updates from UK Construction Week in the weeks leading up to the show and afterwards via social media.  We will also be using the #UK_CW hashtag to help promote the week and showcase the activities of our clients.

If you are a building product manufacturer or supplier or a construction contractor, large or small, our PR and social media team would be happy to provide a free, no obligation quotation.  Please call us on 01709 300130 or email hello@dragonflypr.co.uk.

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