Who they are

Bubo.AI utilises leading-edge cloud technology and advanced analytics  to unlock the power of customer value-based pricing for businesses. 

What we do for them

Bubo approached us because of our PR, content creation and digital marketing experience in the construction sector. The company was looking for support to help raise awareness of Bubo.ai DBX, which enables builders’ merchants to use the power of AI to simplify discount rules and improve their gross margin. Our design studio created engaging visuals to get across the profit opportunities for builders’ merchants, which we used when creating some highly effective sales presenters for Bubo.ai.

Success of our PR, content creation and digital media campaign for DBX was quickly followed with an extension of our remit to Bubo.ai CBX. This is another highly innovative AI solution that gives builders’ merchants up to 12 weeks advance notice that they are going to lose a customer. Impressive stuff!

We implemented a PR strategy to target builders’ merchants, plumbers’ merchants, electrical wholesalers, industrial merchants and any other distribution channel that has multiple customers. We have achieved some impressive results, with articles, case studies and Q&A articles regularly appearing online and within key online websites.

The results:

  • Ongoing coverage in all builders’ merchant’s media (PBM, BMJ, BMN)
  • 27% increase in visits to Bubo website
  • Creation of innovative sales presentation folder


Carmen, Country Manager, Bubo AI, said: “GREAT that you have been able to secure another article in one of the Merchants magazine, nicely done. A number of potential customers have said that they have read your articles in the merchant press.”

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