CBE+ is a precision engineering subcontractor, which operates across a number of different industry sectors.

What we do for them

We provide Public Relations, content marketing and social media services to CBE+.  This included managing PR for the re-brand of the business and the relocation of its business units to one purpose-built facility.  This culminated in a launch event, with media, customers and VIPs attending, which was hugely successful.

What the results are…

Since working with CBE+ we have massively increased the company’s social media following and engagement.  We work alongside the company’s Precision Engineering business and have helped to establish it as a leading machining partner to the aerospace industry.   We are also working with its Electroless Nickel Plating, Gears and Beam Pump businesses to generate enquiries across new and existing markets in the UK and internationally.  Monthly website visits to the CBE+ site have increased by over 65% in the past three months.   We are also working with the company’s laboratory business to support its growth as an external supplier of testing and accreditation services.

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