Industrial Physics

Who they are

Industrial Physics is a global test and inspection company, which protects the integrity of manufacturers, production lines and laboratories through the development of packaging, product, and material test and inspection solutions.

What we do for them

Our PR and content campaign is designed to raise awareness of Industrial Physics and its research project in the UK, Europe and US.  We are reaching influencers, analysts, thought leaders, media outlets and academics in the consumer goods industry across the world to help raise the profile of Industrial Physics.  Our ultimate targets are decision makers involved in packaging consumer goods (industry, food and drink, paper, medical packaging, flexible and metal packaging).

Our campaign will maximise exposure for Industrial Physics in all relevant media/news outlets in the UK, Europe and US.  We are seeking thought leadership opportunities in all relevant online and printed media channels to allow the client to share the insight from its reports.  We will also be seeking speaker opportunities for Industrial Physics at industry events.   In addition, our campaign involves writing blogs and press releases about the insights from the report and sharing these in creative ways, through infographics, website landing pages and social media.

The campaign objectives are

  • To position Industrial Physics as the world’s leading packaging, material and product test and inspection partner
  • Raise the awareness & credibility of its brand as an expert and true thought leader
  • Generate more traffic to the website and leads for the business

Why Dragonfly PR

As a dedicated B2B PR and digital marketing agency, we have the expertise in Industrial Physics' key market sectors, such as packaging, manufacturing and the food sector.

We have the media contacts and the skills to be able to write thought leadership articles and to achieve consistent media coverage in both printed and online media in the UK, USA and Europe.

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