Lafarge Holcim

Who they are

Lafarge Cauldon is one of the UK’s largest cement plants and part of Lafarge Holcim.   Based in Staffordshire, this plant produces over 1m tonnes of cement and employs more than 150 staff.

What we do for them

We manage local and regional media relations, as well as social media channels for Lafarge Cauldon.   Our aim is to enhance the plant’s relationships with the local community, respond to any media enquiries and promote a positive image of the plant in the local media.  We also produce a six monthly community and stakeholder newsletter for the plant.

What the results are

Since taking over media relations for Lafarge Cauldon in 2014, Dragonfly PR has been able to reduce negative press articles by 40% and enhance community relations, as identified in regular community surveys conducted by the plant.  Awareness of the plant and its activities within the local community is very good and the Spotlight newsletter that we write and design recently received over 80% approval by the local community.

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