Newson Gale

Newson Gale is the UK leader in static earthing and bonding solutions to the hazardous area EX industries.

What we do for them

Our PR team provides an awareness raising and lead generation campaign for Newson Gale. From the outset, tracking and measuring the results was at the core of the campaign.

The management team at Newson Gale liked the way in which we use tracking links to identify where visitors to a website originate, which has the potential to follow a visitor all the way through to customer conversion stage. Aside from being essential for new business generation, this is a really useful way of knowing which PR activity (press release, white paper, thought leadership article, content creation, social media etc) is working most effectively, because it allows us to adapt and target our campaigns to the medium that gets the best results.

Growing international sales is important for Newson Gale and we were tasked with exploiting opportunities in B2B media, specifically in mainland Europe. We have had some great successes in the German media, with articles on how to avoid electrostatic discharge in CIT Plus and Verfahrens Technik, both key, influential magazine in the safety sector. All the articles that we write for European territories have been translated by our team.

As part of our integrated approach, we implement a social media campaign for Newson Gale and here again the tracking links form an important element of quantifying the results from this medium

What the results are…

In the first two months of this campaign, we recorded 147 hits to specific landing pages on Newson Gale’s website from our online articles. We were able to break these down by magazine, article, international content, geographic region, giving the client complete visibility of where the enquiries were being generated from.

Total circulation - meaning the potential number of people that could have read our article, case studies and white papers - is currently running at 443,588.

Being able to see how much traffic visits their landing pages directly from our content allows us to refine the PR and content creation campaign for this client.

The articles and content continue to increase click through rate (CTR), which means they will build up more traffic over time. We would expect that, going forward, the number of visitors to the landing pages could run into several thousands.

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