Paradise Fruits by Jahncke - International SEO

Who are they?

Paradise Fruits by Jahncke is the global supplier of naturally healthy and delicious food ingredients. The company is one of the most significant fruit and vegetable processing businesses in the industry and is a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading manufacturers of baked goods, confectionery, chocolate, cereals and snacks.

Under the Paradise Fruits banner are four distinctive natural ingredients businesses. These include:

  • Paradise Fruits Solutions, which specialises in the design and delivery of high fruit, low water activity fruit ingredients and customised solutions including ready-to-eat snacking products.
  • Paradise Fruits Freeze-Dried, a leading supplier of freeze-dried fruit and speciality items for all aspects of the food industry.
  • Paradise Fruits Frozen an IQF and cold-store specialist.
  • Paradise Garden, which specialises in the global sourcing and supply of freeze dried herbs, spices, vegetables and other speciality culinary ingredients which complements the ingredient offering from Paradise Fruits.

The business has a history spanning over 130 years. Still owned by the Jahncke family, Paradise Fruits has its manufacturing plant in the Altes Land area of Northern Germany, which is the largest continuous apple growing area in Europe.

What do we do for them?

In 2019 Dragonfly PR was appointed to carry out a strategic public relations campaign for Paradise Fruits by Jahncke. The aim of which was to increase awareness of the company’s products and services in UK and international markets and promote its presence at leading trade shows and exhibitions.

After achieving great results during the first six months and after recognising our expertise in search engine optimisation and digital marketing, Paradise Fruits by Jahncke has extended our contract and also appointed Dragonfly PR as its chosen international SEO and content marketing specialist. Our aim is to improve the company’s search engine ranking position and in turn the number of visitors to the UK, German and Russian versions of the Paradise Fruits by Jahncke website.

To do this, our SEO team has also developed a bespoke and strategic SEO and content marketing plan to showcase Paradise Fruits by Jahncke as a voice within the industry and the ‘go to company’ for advice on the latest trends and developments within the food manufacturing sector. Our plan includes:

  • Initial research to identify the most relevant keywords and search terms frequently used in the UK and USA, as well as those used in Germany, Russia and other parts of Europe.
  • Translating the foreign languages into English and identifying how we can reach potential customers across all countries.
  • Using the keywords to identify the most relevant and trending topics and questions within the industry.
  • Monitoring how consumer attitudes towards food and drink are changing and shaping the sector.
  • Working closely with the R&D and sales teams to offer predictions on the future of the industry, and how Paradise Fruits by Jahncke can support NPD specialists in creating new products.
  • Drafting monthly, keyword enriched blogs that offer advice to Paradise Fruits’ customers based on findings obtained from the research tasks mentioned above.
  • Monitoring keywords regularly to ensure they are still relevant and adding any additional search terms if required.
  • Carrying out regular SERP reports to ensure the blogs are helping to improve SEO and monitor the company’s position on Google and other search engines.

Results so far…

The SEO content marketing strategy we have in place for Paradise Fruits by Jahncke is still in the early days, however in only a few months the company has seen a great level of improvement in its SERP rankings; even moving up from page 12 to page 2 on Google for some search terms. In addition, the number of visitors to the Paradise Fruits by Jahncke website has steadily improved since the first blog has gone live.

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