Parker Hannifin

Who they are
One of the World’s leading manufacturers of motion and control technologies.  We work with the Parker Hannifin brand, as well as its sub brands Parker Bestobell and Parker Conflow.

What we do for them
Dragonfly PR manages Public Relations for Parker Hannifin on an international basis.  This includes securing media coverage in the trade media covering oil & gas, marine, engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries.  We also write technical blogs and thought leadership articles for the company on a global basis.

What the results are:

In 2016, we achieved over 13 million opportunities to see the Parker Hannifin brand across the world, consistently delivering a high success rate for articles, case studies and press releases in the national, trade and international media.

Last year, we raised awareness, increased website hits by 46% year on year to the website and generated direct business opportunities through social media engagements at major international exhibitions.  We have helped the company to reduce its advertising spend, whilst increasing its awareness amongst its key target markets.

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