Who are they?

 PMI is the world’s leading project management organisation supporting professional development for almost 3 million professionals worldwide.  We work with PMI UK, the UK chapter of the membership organisation, which operates across all parts of the country and has a robust programme of webinars, digital and virtual events covering a whole range of topics. For more information visit

 What do we do for them?

 Dragonfly PR provides a dedicated PR campaign to PMI UK, which is focused on launching and maintaining interest in its national awards, in association with PwC.  This includes creating national awareness in the project management trade, business and financial trade, national press and broadcast media of PMI UK.

 We will also be publicising PMI UK’s extensive webinar programme, showcasing its diversity, with international speakers and covering a wide range of topics. Our PR campaign would also cover stories about PMI UK collaborating with other organisations, such as ENACTUS.

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