Securex Technology

What we do for them:

Our international PR strategy is delivering tangible business results for Securex, including sales enquiries from the Far East, Middle East, America and Europe. The key to delivering world-class results for this client was having a clear PR and digital marketing strategy from the outset.

Understanding what makes Securex unique and interesting has helped it punch above its weight in a global market. The company is growing at an unprecedented rate and is currently looking to increase its spend on PR and digital marketing as our team continue to deliver impressive results.

What the results are:

The results with Securex, as with all our clients, are tangible and measurement and linked back to the goals set at the beginning of the campaign. Our PR and digital marketing campaign achieved an impressive ROI of 1258%. This is based on the number of sales enquiries generated against target and how many of these translated through to quotation in progress or tangible orders.

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