Does PR work?

PR is all about managing reputations. A well thought out PR strategy is an important part of communicating the benefits of your products and services because it is perceived by customers as independent and trustworthy compared to advertising. It is now possible to accurately measure the effectiveness of a PR strategy and we’ve done a lot of work in making sure our clients have visibility of the results.

Public Relations can be particularly effective in certain industries such as manufacturing and construction and these are sector that we specialise in. We work with a number of clients in these areas and can share some of the success stories we’ve achieved over the years on our case study pages.

The traditional method of measuring the effectiveness of PR was to calculate the number of column inches in each magazine. However, measurement of PR results are now far more sophisticated. For many of our clients we also monitor business-critical factors such as the number of sales leads generated and conversions, by week or month.

Social media has changed the way that Public Relations is carried out. The best PR campaigns are now increasingly reliant on their ability to generate engaging content that people want to share online. It one of the reasons why we integrate our PR, social media and SEO strategy to provide clients with a highly effective campaign, which means generating quantifiable sales leads. We have achieved some world-class results for clients that have chosen our fully integrated PR and digital media approach.

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