How PR can add value to a business

Gone are the days when the effectiveness of a PR campaign could not be measured.  Modern PR campaigns are about being able to demonstrate the value that Public Relations brings to a business, which ultimately means an increase in traffic to a website or more sales enquiries.

As a PR company that specialises in the construction sector we are able to create a targeted PR strategy that communicates effectively with our clients’ target audience. That’s why the best measure of the success of a PR strategy is sales. We’re not afraid to demonstrate it, either, and can provide numerous examples of where our clients have said that one of our press releases, cases studies, articles or white papers, which has appeared in a trade magazine or online, has resulted in an order. Simply ask us if you want to find out more.

Experience in the construction sector has definitely helped us in this area, too – being able to talk knowledgeably about a building product and how it is specified or installed is a very effective way to engage with potential customers on behalf of our clients. This understanding of the various routes to market in the construction sector helps us adapt the message to each channel. For example, builders’ merchants are looking for guidance on how to sell more products, whereas architects and specifiers are interested in how good the product looks (if it is visible on the building), and how it performs if it’s a structural element.

Bringing all this together as part of a B2B PR strategy means that Dragonfly PR is now one of the leading communication specialists in the UK construction sector. If you are looking to generate more sales leads, or direct more relevant traffic your website in order to encourage greater and well on the way to specification of your product, our technical writers and trained trade journalists can help.

When you speak to our team, be sure to ask them to show you examples of where our PR strategies have resulted in tangible results, and for us means linking a major sales order for a client to a specific piece of PR activity we carried out.

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If you are considering joining some of the other leading brands in the construction sector that have chosen Dragonfly PR, you’ll be in good company.

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