How PR can help grow export sales

A growing number of our clients are taking advantage of the weakness in UK sterling by focusing on export opportunities.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), businesses are not only selling more abroad they are also making more money from each product they sell, by cutting prices by less than the drop in sterling and taking extra profit when converting the price paid abroad back into pounds. The growth in physical goods being exported by the UK manufacturing sector recently reached a peak of 9.7%.

As a PR and content marketing agency that specialises in the manufacturing sector we have been advising a number of our clients on how they can communicate the benefits of their products and services to an international market. Most of them are very receptive to our ideas on how they can cost effectively grow export sales by increasing the number of new business enquiries from overseas. We’ve had some impressive results, too, with examples of large orders being generated in countries as far afield as Australia, America, India and China.

It helps that we’ve been developing international PR strategies for over a decade and that has given us the experience to know which magazines, blog sites and websites generate the best results, which for our clients means tangible sales leads. By using this knowledge, along with our content creation strategies, we can ensure our clients get in front of the customers that will be buying their products, wherever they are in the world.

Our content creation platforms include:

  1. White papers - a vision for the future of a particular industry
  2. Thought leadership pieces – our client’s view on a particular industry issue
  3. Speaking opportunities – at trade events or exhibitions
  4. Technical articles – a great way to show our clients understand customers’ needs
  5. Q&A – questions that a customer might ask when specifying our clients’ technology
  6. Step by step – how to install a particular product (aimed at contractors rather than specifiers)
  7. Round table discussion articles – discuss an industry challenge, such as the move to Industry 4, Internet of Things (IoT)
  8. Advice type articles – a subject that is of interest to our client’s specifiers.
  9. Top tips - on how technology can improve efficiency / reduce downtime
  10. Trends – making predictions for the coming year is a great way to engage customers

The great thing about writing this high quality content is that it creates a strong foundation for building an SEO strategy and link building strategy, which, again, helps us increase enquiries for our clients from overseas customers. Our SEO strategies have been proven to increase sales enquiries from both UK and overseas markets.

We are regularly asked by clients looking to grow their export sales about translation. It helps that we have translation partners that we have worked with for over 10 years, who specialise in the industrial sector. That means we can accurately translate technical and manufacturing content so that our clients know it is going to be authoritative and present them as a company that international customers want to do business with.

When it comes to content marketing, public relations, PPC campaigns, and social media, our team are high effective at raising the profile of UK manufacturing firms in UK, USA, Germany, Middles East, Far East, India and the major European markets.

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