Keep calm and carry on with a positive PR campaign

Despite some reports saying otherwise, we are pleased to see that b2b businesses across the region are continuing to recognise the benefits of marketing and PR. We believe that this may be due to many of them learning lessons from the recession of 2008-2010, which when research was carried out after this period, found that companies that continued to invest in marketing during times of lower economic growth had a much quicker recovery.

Here our public relations team provides a few reasons as to why, even though times are uncertain at the moment, keeping their PR activity right on track is beneficial.

Sharing innovative ideas

Many businesses within our region, particularly the manufacturing and food sectors are recognising that one of the most important tools they currently have is their ability to adapt. During the lockdown, there is no doubt innovation is key. Food businesses are coming up with new ways to continue serving customers while their premises are closed, distillers are now brewing hand sanitiser and manufacturers are changing their engineering processes to develop PPE and hospital equipment.

Sharing details about your innovative practices can not only showcase your expertise but may also encourage others to get involved too. A blog on your website about how your company has adapted during the pandemic and what it is doing to help, will not only showcase your activities to existing customers, but also improve your SEO and provide a link to share on social media, which your PR team can take care of.

Spreading a smile

Now more than ever people are crying out for good news. From trade magazines wanting to hear about businesses in their sector that are continuing to grow during these unprecedented times, to regional journalists looking for news about neighbours coming together to help each other out; as we go through this tough time together, the positive stories are helping us all along the way. That’s because with good news comes a smile, and right now that’s what many of us needs.

So, if your business or employees are doing anything that you would be proud to shout about, then the chances are you should be doing just that. Whether its news about new products, services and appointments or stories about employees going above and beyond to help during COVID-19, a good public relations team will be able to advise you on what stories are worth telling. Better still, they should also be able to showcase how they can fit in with your overall marketing strategy to achieve the required results and boost your business’s reputation.

Recognising ethics

Right now, people are recognising the importance of good ethics in business more than ever. Customers want to work with or purchase from companies that are maintaining good ethical practices and taking care of their teams and local grassroots organisations and charities. We are also seeing a noticeable rise in businesses and members of the public wanting to work with independent or smaller companies. A strong PR presence during this time will support you in getting your voice heard and help spread the news about your ethical practices, products and services.

An ethical, local and reputable PR agency, like Dragonfly PR, can help by developing a campaign of activity that will increase awareness of your business and how you work, whilst ensuring your messaging resonates with your audience and meets their expectations.

So, if you’re looking for a PR agency to help with planning your PR, social media and SEO to help raise awareness of the innovative products and services you are offering to support other businesses or the public during the Coronavirus pandemic, drop us a line.  We are a friendly bunch of Public Relations and digital marketing experts with more than 15 years’ experience specialising in business to business PR for companies based in Yorkshire, East Midlands and the North West, with expertise in construction, engineering and industrial and FMCG and food manufacturing.

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