Manufacturing international opportunities through PR and content marketing

Many of our manufacturing clients that utilise our PR and content marketing services target us on helping them grow their international sales. That’s because, at a time when the government is looking to create trade deals around the world, more of them are looking for effective ways of raising their presence in overseas markets.

PR, content creation and digital marketing are some of the most effective ways of doing this, achieving far better results, pound for pound, than other methods such as advertising and Pay Per Click (PPC). Much of this has been due to the value of content marketing in a world where the vast majority of product sourcing begins online. For instance, we recently wrote an article about mechanical seals that appeared on an online magazine resulting in our client receiving a large order from a new customer in Australia, a key geographic territory for them.

This shows the real power of PR and content creation in being able to persuade customers to choose a particular supplier, in this case our client’s seal product. This success is down to the fact that PR is viewed as far more credible than advertising or PPC, principally because it is impartial. We shouldn’t forget the fact that once this PR content appears online it stays there indefinitely, meaning that the keywords embedded in the text will deliver results for our clients for a long time.

Our PR and content creation campaigns have proved to be a highly effective way to help our clients to grow their export sales. For example, our press releases are regularly shared online, making them a powerful search engine optimization tool. We are also able to optimise press releases to boost our clients’ organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with built-in keywords. These establish valuable inbound links, which results in increased traffic to our clients’ websites and generation of sales leads. This has made a step change in international PR over a conventional content marketing strategy.

We adopt the same approach with the white papers, thought leadership and case studies we write for our clients. We can track their performance, too, by routinely adding tracking links that let our clients know how many people have clicked through from an online article and which pages on their website they have visited. These can be broken down by country of origin, so our clients know which part of the world that their message is being read and followed through to generation of a sales lead and conversion of a new customer. Read our blog to find out more about how we measure the effective of our PR and content creation strategies.

Adopting an integrating content marketing strategy with public relations is a very effective way to raise your brand awareness in an increasingly crowded digital space. The power of our integrated communications campaign makes them invaluable for growing your overseas business.

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