What has been going on in the world of social media? A July update

The world of social media is fast-paced and ever-evolving, with prominent giants like Twitter (now X), TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and a new social media platform called Threads, dominating the landscape. With so much going on, we’re here to bring you the latest updates on what’s happening in the social media world.


What’s all the fuss about threads?

Meta’s new Threads platform is breaking records as it became the fastest growing app in history with 100 million users in just five days!

This takes over ChatGPT’s record which reached this milestone in just two months. A few weeks ago, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took to Threads himself to announce that there had been 70 million sign ups. He also reported that 10s of millions of people come back to the platform daily.

Launched across 100 countries and viewed as a direct competitor to Twitter, Threads displays an algorithmic timeline rather than it being chronological.  This means that the more you use Threads, the more relevant your feed will be to your interests allowing B2B brand to create more targeted content.

The platform does not allow users to search for content meaning that hashtags, for now, are irrelevant. So, the only way to discover content on Threads is based on what Meta chooses to show on your timeline.

But it has recently rolled out its following feed which was one of the most requested features. This allows users to see content from the users they are following and gives them access to view the for you and following feed.

Have you joined Threads yet? It’s easy to sign up! You can log into the platform through your Instagram account.


All you need to know about Twitter’s move to X

Have you logged onto Twitter recently? Well, you might have noticed a black X in the corner of your browser tab or on the platform itself. That’s because Twitter is no longer Twitter. In fact, it is now called X.

Some people are not keen over this change with users leaving 1-star negative reviews on app stores. Time spend on the app and daily sessions per user has also seen a decrease since the rebrand. However, it hasn’t all been bad. Sensor Tower’s data shows that X installs grew by 20% week over week.

Whilst this switch may be shocking to some, Elon Musk has announced he has big plans for X. This involves incorporating payment and gaming services to make X an everything app.

But Twitter has encountered quite a few roadblocks already since its launch with ‘X’ already being trademarked by Mark Zuckberg’s Meta for social networking services.

Also, X’s new web domain faced hurdles as it was blocked in parts of Asia under anti-pornography laws. These hurdles raise a question: Will Twitter’s new rebrand stay?

Many of our clients are refocusing efforts onto LinkedIn, although that doesn’t mean that they are no longer using ‘X’. There are still plenty of opportunities on X to grow your followers and communicate targeted messages to your customers.

Since Elon Musk took over, he created a Twitter Blue subscription, this was originally the old blue check verification system. This means that, for a monthly fee, the blue checks are for users who have subscribed giving them access to new features, an extended character limit, preview tweets, and the ability to edit tweets. Subscribers also enjoy expanded reach and prioritised tweets. So, is subscribing worth it?

As a B2B PR agency, we work with businesses to deliver integrated communication campaigns and X remains an integral part of this. Our clients use X to communicate messages and remain consistent online. If X is a focal point of your social media strategy, then Twitter Blue may be for you if you’re seeing a fall in reach and engagement. It is really down to each individual brand, business and strategy. Contact us if you’re needing expert advice on social media and digital PR activities.


LinkedIn records a high in engagement

Microsoft latest earnings announcement has shown that LinkedIn sessions have grown by 12%, a record engagement in the app. We have had some indication from LinkedIn’s report earlier this year on how this growth was achieved:

  • 59 million companies have a LinkedIn page
  • Pages who post weekly have a 5.6x more followers and their following grows 7x faster than those who post monthly
  • A 22% increase in the number of viewed feed updates year over year
  • 25% increase in content shared on the platform

LinkedIn also report having 930 million members despite shutting down InCareer, its local jobs app in China, this year. The shutdown is rumoured to be as a result of China’s new data privacy laws which led to Microsoft changing their strategy and pulling LinkedIn out of the China market.

So, taking into account that LinkedIn is seeing a record high in engagement, how can you leverage that? Take a look at our blog which tells you how to write for LinkedIn’s new algorithm update.


New updated social media insights

Meltwater and We Are Social has recently produce a global overview of the latest digital usage and social media insights. This detailed report is only released twice a year, in January and July!

If you’re looking to form your own social media strategy then utilising Meltwater and We Are Social’s global report is a great place to start. Not only does it give you a great overview of the digital world, but it can provide more insight into each social media platform you use and your target audience. Here are a few great insights:

  • 47.1% of people use social media to keep in touch with family and friends.
  • 36.2% of people use social media to fill spare time
  • 20–29-year-olds are the most active on social media
  • 29.7% of users use LinkedIn to keep up to date with news and current events

Download your free report today and find the insights you need for your digital and social media strategy!

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