Why it pays to appoint a fully integrated PR agency!

With technological advancements every year and the constant demand for news as it happens, it’s safe to say the media and communications industry has evolved a great deal over the past decade. As such, so has the role of the PR agency.

When in the past clients required a PR agency solely to manage their reputation, minimise any crises and maximise coverage in print and online media, now we are increasingly required to manage, in addition, their social media presence.

According to Forbes Magazine, a study carried out by USC Annenberg Global Communications in 2017 shows that 87% of professionals believe the term ‘public relations’ will not describe the work they do in five years. Additionally, 60% of marketing executives believe PR and marketing will become dramatically more aligned in the near future.

Testament to this is the fact that the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) Digital PR Report 2015 revealed that 54% of PR agencies are now offering SEO services, 82% offer blogger outreach/engagement; 47% offer online ads and 76% offer online reputation management. In addition, reports from Forrester Research and eMarketer show that in 2018, the average company is expected to allocate 41% of their marketing budget to online and this rate is expected to grow to 45% by 2020

Social Media

Social media was once seen as something that people use purely to extend their network of friends and contacts, whereas now it is also a key tool for enhancing business communications. In addition, many reporters and other media influencers use Twitter as their primary channel to both share and source news.

Social channels also serve as a means to capitalise on publicity and provides a further platform for sharing news about your business. In addition it is a great place for sharing blog content to drive users back to a websites.

When done right, PR can be extremely advantageous for businesses, but when coupled with a strong social media schedule, the effects it can have are exceptional. When looking for a PR agency, choosing one that has the skills, resource and expertise to provide effective social media management, like Dragonfly PR, is extremely important. Not only will it provide further publicity but, with more people than ever looking to social media for business and product recommendations, the leads it can generate are priceless.


Over the past five years, due to Google’s algorithm updates, content has become king and who has proved to be best to generate authentic content?  That’s right, PR agencies.

Gone are the days when SEO companies could use every ‘black hat’ trick in the book and within a few hours, their clients websites would start ranking at the top of search engines.

Pretty much every new client we talk to at the moment is looking to improve their Google ranking against their key search terms and at the very least, to appear on page one, or even to gain a top three listing.

That is why, when considering a PR agency, it pays to appoint one that can not only offer blogging and copywriting services, but are also in the know when it comes to keywords and writing for SEO. With over 10 years' digital marketing experience, backed by our expertise in generating quality content, Dragonfly PR can help you get to the top of the search engines, and stay there.


Our clients’ needs are constantly changing and we’ve adapted by enhancing the skills of our in-house team and bringing in digital media experts to further extend our offering. This means we can offer a fully integrated PR and digital media service, where we can demonstrate tangible results in terms of increased website visits, improved search engine ranking and boosting Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook likes and engagements from a relevant audience.

Here at Dragonfly PR, we have a highly skilled team of digital, creative and public relations specialists with experience of working in many sectors including, constructionmanufacturing and FMCG.

As a dedicated South Yorkshire based agency with over 15 years’ experience in helping b2b companies to generate results, we can put together an outline proposal that will help you meet your business objectives and make a huge difference to how you interact with your audiences.

To find out more about how our PR, social media and digital marketing services can be of benefit to your business, or to discuss your corporate communications requirements, call 01709300130 or email hello@drgaonflypr.co.uk.

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