BBC TV and Radio check in for Dragonfly PR

When you’re a company that’s just secured a £50m order for Europe’s largest hotel development since Disneyland Paris, how do you let people know?

That was the challenge faced by Caledonian Modular, a specialist offsite company that manufactures bespoke buildings, when it wanted to announce the first worker accommodation module for Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power station to leave its production line.

Around 1,500 hundred of the accommodation units –that are 96% complete - will leave the manufacturing site over the next 18 months, creating the largest hotel development in Europe for over 25 years. When completed, it will provide hotel-type accommodation for 1,500 workers on the UK’s first new nuclear power station in two decades.

Caledonian Modular commissioned our PR and press event team to publicise the event because we specialise in the construction sector and have extensive experience in securing national, regional and trade media coverage.

Because of this, they were confident that we had the contacts to ensure we could generate press interest at the launch event on 3rd April, with only a few days’ notice!  We didn’t let them down, either, with both BBC TV and BBC Radio Nottingham attending, plus all the local and regional newspapers.

Trade coverage was important, too, and we managed to ensure the story appeared in many construction press, including on Construction Enquirer’s daily newsletter, which has 50,000 daily visitors. That in itself is no easy task as Construction Enquirer is the title to read in the construction sector.

Here’s a comment from an editor in the construction press:

“The story went out today and is doing very well for clicks. It was a busy news morning with quite a few big stories but the hotel-style angle worked very well and when I last looked the story was most popular for opens. You were on the money on both angle and relevance, so I’m delighted you convinced me.”

Simply having a story about a new contract win, even when it’s a big one, sometimes isn’t enough. Editors hear about these every day, which is why you need to work with a PR company that specialises in construction and can see the bigger picture and present it to the media in a way that captures the imagination of the editor and their readers.

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