5 ways a construction PR agency can grow your business in international markets

An effective construction PR agency can leverage relationships with journalists to secure media coverage for your business. They can also help position your brand in the market and execute construction marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Recently, our expert Public Relations construction specialists met with a new client in the construction sector. This client has experience in refurbishment, maintenance and facilities management, and asked for support to promote their business to a range of different markets. 

Being a go-to construction marketing agency in Sheffield, we have experience in knowing how to reach your desired audiences whether local, national, or international. That’s why our client came to us, the construction PR agency experts, for support in reaching the private healthcare, sector.

The question that arises is: Why use a PR agency? And how does a marketing agency for construction companies help in growing their business and expanding into new markets?

Tip 1: Firstly, work with a construction Public Relations agency that knows the relevant media

It’s really important to get to know the main media covering your new target sector.  This is where we come in.

Often there can be dozens of seemingly relevant publications, but it’s our job as PR specialists to recommend the most worthwhile publications for thought leadership articles or to write press releases for construction company and case studies. We take the approach of targeting quality not quantity and usually work with 3-5 of the top titles per sector.

With over 20 years of experience as a PR agency in the construction industry, our team has excellent contacts in many sectors. This includes education, hospitality, healthcare, leisure, retail and commercial sectors.

When the construction marketing campaign begins, we reach out to editors, offering them a bylined generic informative article on behalf of our clients. This usually explores a topical issue. We have had great success with thought leadership articles and generating awareness in new sectors.  #

Bonus tip: When included, with a backlink on the website, it can make a significant impact on SEO for your website.


Tip 2: Work with an international marketing specialist

Are you looking for a PR and marketing strategy that allows you to break into international markets?

If your business has an international outlook, our PR business campaigns can help here too.  We have access to an extensive international media database and have expertise in working across all continents.  Recently, we helped a client aiming to break into the international solar markets, with a focus on the US and Europe to target large commercial/utility solar farms. 

Our PR strategy involved building relationships with various publications in the US, Canadian, French and German, securing coverage of news stories, case studies and feature articles, as part of our PR strategy to generate sales leads. 

The world is literally your oyster and our B2B PR specialists have the skills and expertise to be able to manage translations and distribute articles and press releases to international media contacts.  We work with native language translation partners globally too.  This means we can help you to promote product launches, case studies and exhibition attendance internationally.

We also monitor progress to ensure that we are reaching the main media in your new international markets and regularly report back on progress.


Tip 3: Visit relevant construction exhibitions

If you’re looking to reach new markets then attending construction exhibitions will help to promote brand awareness and network. This doesn’t mean that you need to exhibit, but visiting B2B exhibitions and seeing which businesses and media are there is a useful exercise. 

It also gives you the confidence to know whether an event would be worth exhibiting at in the future.  UK Construction Week and FutureBuild may be worth attending, as well as specific exhibitions for new markets including Healthcare Estates. 

Sometimes, you can buy lists of attendees who will be going to the exhibition which you can use to build a database of companies that are operating in the market you want to expand in. As a construction PR agency, we can support your business with pre and post event publicity. Our PR construction experts can also create social media campaigns to drive traffic and create awareness of your attendance.


Tip 4: Create a targeted LinkedIn campaign to generate new business enquiries

If you are looking to move into new markets with your construction business then it’s a good idea to build up your network on LinkedIn. We recommend that you don’t just post to LinkedIn, you build a community.

A great starting point is to identify who you want to connect and engage with on LinkedIn. Make sure you follow them and interact with their posts weekly. This will help to boost your own engagement on LinkedIn too as well as make new connections.

As a PR agency in Sheffield that has a dedicated focus on building engagement, followers, and connections whilst also working towards driving sales leads on LinkedIn, we also recommend that you encourage employees to engage with your business’ posts. Our pr specialists can create an employee strategy or LinkedIn strategy for your construction company.

 Connecting with and messaging relevant leaders and individuals within the industry on your personal LinkedIn account, can also help to promote brand awareness and increase followers. We understand that this can be a time-consuming process. That’s why our construction pr agency can provide executive profiling and support in growing your company’s network on LinkedIn.


Tip 5: Use high quality content from your construction PR campaign

As a Sheffield PR agency, we have a wide knowledge in creating content that will either rank on Google or perform well on social media.  

Our skills lie in creating case studies, blogs, thought leadership articles, web stories and press releases for your construction company. We can also produce multi-channel campaigns that involves press releases, the media, social media and websites.

 By continually keeping your website up to date with quality, SEO-optimised content you will increase your chance on ranking on page one.  

Our thought leadership articles can position your company as the experts in the industry, covering industry issues and generating traffic to the website leading to direct sales enquiries.  By regularly updating your website with blogs and case studies, you are ensuring that website visitors will visit more frequently and there is a better chance of them buying from you.


So, why should you use a construction PR agency?

PR agencies, such as ours, specialise in promoting your business through communication, marketing, social media and sales strategies. Our team has a wide range of industry expertise and connections with journalists and trade magazines, enabling us to identify and secure excellent opportunities for your construction company, ultimately helping your business to grow.

Partner with us to enhance your brand visibility, manage communications and strategically position your company for success and growth.

For more information and advice about moving into exciting new markets in the UK and internationally, drop our team a line at hello@dragonflypr.co.uk or call 0114 349 5341.

Dragonfly PR is a Sheffield PR and social media agency for construction companies. We also specialise in B2B marketing and support clients with public relations in manufacturing.  As a digital marketing agency, we have over 20 years’ experience in writing content for trade press and online journals that raise the profile of a company and generate more backlinks and enquiries to the website.


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