How PR makes the world of business a more positive place

Recent research reported by PRmoments revealed that the UK and the Netherlands are the most depressing countries when it comes to news coverage.  However, the Netherlands does have one over us in that it is also the country that has the most positive news stories.

For those of us that work in PR, our role is to constantly come up with positive stories about our clients that the newspapers, magazine or websites will run.

For some clients, there are endless opportunities to promote positive news, particularly in construction, the food sector and manufacturing.  We see some very innovative new product designs, or projects that save energy, reduce the carbon footprint, improve health or increase a material or a plant’s efficiency. So we’ve plenty to talk about. For clients where stories are less prevalent, we have to work that little bit harder, but we enjoy the challenge of helping them to stand out from the crowd

Here are five quick ways that business-to-business companies can generate positive news:

Celebrate employee achievements

Most companies support employees with internal or external training which means they improve their skills as part of ongoing professional development. It should also be the case that their achievements in securing further qualifications or skills can be celebrated in the media, whether they be apprentices, team leaders or managers.

Host an event

Hosting a media or customer event can be a great way to generate interest and positive news coverage for your business. There needs to be a news hook, though, such as a recent investment, a new contract win, a new product developed or an anniversary, for example. Our expertise in event management means we can take care of everything to ensure the smooth running of the day or evening. We also manage the media invitations and interviews to ensure you can generate lots of positive coverage. It is also worthwhile keeping a track of anniversaries as 5, 10, 25 and 50 years all make great reasons for events and PR stories and we have a great deal of success in securing media coverage of this type.

Hold an ‘In the community’ day

Putting something back into the local community, in terms of giving staff a day out of the year to work on local environmental or charitable projects can make a huge difference. The benefits in terms of staff morale and motivation are extensive and the impact on the community and good relations is clear and tangible. It also makes a great news story! Our role is to take photos at the various projects, write up newsworthy articles and secure positive media relations to showcase your company in the best possible light.

Celebrate sustainability

Sustainability is a big issue affecting all businesses. However, many businesses don’t recognise that the positive changes they make to either reduce the carbon footprint or save energy, should be showcased as news stories. One of our clients, for example, in the manufacturing sector had purchased equipment which meant that they no longer produced toxic chemicals as a by-product. Through a revolutionary new process they managed to turn their waste chemicals back into harmless de-ionised water. Whichever industry you are in, it is worth looking into the opportunity to showcase the ways you are protecting and enhancing the local and global environment. 

Enter Awards

Entering awards, whether trade, regional or national, can be a time-consuming business, but the rewards are there should you become shortlisted, or, indeed a winner. As experts in entering b2b companies for awards, we have a track record in preparing successful entries. We also manage pre and post event media coverage, which means that we can maximise on awareness of your success, with the added benefits in terms of employee morale and motivation.

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