Instagram for Business? Dragonfly Can Help Put You In The Picture.

With the network reporting over 800 million monthly subscribers in September 2017, it is safe to say that Instagram is one of the fastest growing and most popular social media platforms worldwide.

Many believe Instagram is a consumer facing network that is aimed more towards teenagers. As a result, many businesses are choosing to focus their attention on other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, both which have a reputation for being more suitable for B2B marketing. However, when done right Instagram can be just as effective for businesses as any other social platform. Here our social media team explains how...

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Halloween’s coming, but keep your PR nightmares to a minimum!

The nights are getting dark earlier, the shops are full of Halloween costumes for kids and adults and things are starting to get a little bit spooky.  However, in the world of PR, scary things can happen too.  This is why crisis management is so important, for organisations large and small.

Here we look at some PR nightmares and how they could have been turned around with an effective PR strategy.

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Why PR is important for manufacturing firms

Public Relations for manufacturing and industrial companies has advanced quite a bit in the last few years. Much of this has been down to the internet, which has made both domestic customers and those in international markets much more accessible for businesses that operate in this sector.

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Exhibition season has arrived - are you prepared?

With some of the biggest trade shows for both the construction and manufacturing sectors taking place now and over the next few months, it is safe to say exhibition season is upon us. But is your company fully prepared for an event and are you doing enough to raise awareness of your attendance?

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Attending UK Construction Week or any other exhibitions this year? Complete our short survey!

We're asking businesses that are attending any exhibitions this year, particularly UK Construction Week, to take a few minutes to complete our short survey.

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How to grow your business through Public Relations

It’s rare these days to find a successful business that doesn’t have its own dedicated communications team or PR agency to assist in enhancing its reputation. Both SMEs and Blue Chip organisations undoubtedly need Public Relations. The reasons why are usually two-fold; a) to help them raise awareness and b) to protect their reputation.

Here we take a look at how to grow your business through PR and give our helpful hints and tips.

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Horbury Property Services - the results!

Here are the results of the first six months of our PR and social media campaign for Horbury Property Services.

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How to make PR work for the manufacturing sector

If, like most manufacturing companies, you produce products that are designed for a specific purpose but that wouldn’t necessarily grab the headlines every day, then you’re not alone. That’s where our Public Relations team comes in and, because we are dedicated to the manufacturing and B2B sector, we can help you gain good quality media coverage in the titles where it matters most.

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Dragonfly welcomes new Senior Account Executive

We are pleased to announce that Rebecca Hart has joined the team at Dragonfly PR as Senior Account Executive.

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The awards season is here - don't miss out!

It's always nice to win, or at least be shortlisted in awards - we can help!

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Does this signal an end to breaking specifications?

Breaking specifications has become common practice in the construction sector for many years.  However, recent events may signal a change in this practice - our PR team delves into the issue.

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PR and social media - it's all about good content

Generating good quality content for websites, blogs and thought leadership articles is more important than ever these days and it's what our clients require most of all from us.

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Crisis communication planning – what it is and why it really matters

How well equipped is your business to deal with a crisis? Not sure? Read on.

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When is the best time to post on social media?

We share some of the latest research on when is best to post on social media for maximum engagement....

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Are PR professionals missing a trick by not making more of infographics?

Are you a business to business, construction or manufacturing company struggling to get coverage from your press releases?

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