The importance of not winging it

In light of global drinks giant Red Bull’s catastrophic week last week, which saw the company being sued for $13.5 million over false advertising, we thought we’d take a look at what it did wrong – and how to ensure that your company does not follow in its footsteps.

‘Red Bull gives you wings’ has been the distinct slogan at the forefront of the energy drink’s advertising and marketing campaigns for many years now, and it was those five words that landed Red Bull in hot water.

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New client win: Trackwork Moll

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How business-to-business companies can make the most of Christmas

It’s the busiest time of year for retailers, but here’s how #construction and #manufacturing companies can make the best of the festive season.

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The Apprentice – why you’re no one without a strategy

I’m an avid watcher of The Apprentice, but every week I know that, just as sure as night follows day, one of the candidates will accuse another, usually in their final moments in the boardroom, of having no strategy.

In the Apprentice, as in the business world, lack of strategy is seen as a weakness, a failing on the part of an individual or business – or, indeed, the route to failure. And it is, at this time of year, when most businesses are deciding on their marketing and PR strategy for the year ahead.

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Top tips on how to use hashtags effectively in your social media marketing

Hashtags were first introduced on Twitter and since then, they’ve grown in popularity and are now found on a wide variety of social media channels including Facebook and Instagram. We only need to look at the power and success of the #IceBucketChallenge to see how important hashtags are, so today we’re sharing four tips on how to use them effectively in your social media marketing.

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Ecobuild checklist from the construction PR professionals

It’s around this time of year that manufacturers in the construction industry begin to think about how they are going to let other businesses know that they will be attending Ecobuild (8-10 March).

This is the show to attend if you want to showcase what’s sustainable about your construction products and PR is the best way to spread the word. As a PR company that specialises in the construction sector and has attended and supported clients at Ecobuild for the past ten years, we know a thing or two about getting the most out of this exhibition.

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Six useful tools to make your social media marketing more efficient

Social media is fast paced and it can be a challenge keeping each of your accounts updated with interesting content. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the best management and monitoring tools to help you update your social media channels more efficiently.   

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How construction & building manufacturers can get the most out of social media

Construction companies are increasingly recognising the value that social media can bring to their businesses.  It puts the power in their hands, allowing them to control the messages that their customers and contacts receive and in doing so, social media has helped to bypass many traditional advertising routes.  Platforms such as Linkedin, blogging, Facebook and Twitter are the top social media tools that have helped construction companies to generate leads.

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Why do we need a PR agency?

The other day I was talking to a potential client.  They were a SME company, one of those where the MD is a bit of a jack of all trades and tries to do most things himself, sometimes not as well as he should (dare I say…).

After inviting me in for a meeting, one of the first (and I must admit, rather unusual) things he said was“Go on, convince me, why do I need a PR agency?”

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6 content ideas for your company page on Linkedin

Many of our clients want to build a strong presence on Linkedin, but keeping a company page up to date with regular content can be a challenge. There are currently more than 3 million company pages on Linkedin and reports suggest that users are almost 50% more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn so it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t have a company page.

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Do e-Newsletters work?

The short answer is yes, done properly, they do. E-newsletters are a great way to communicate with existing and new customers. They connect directly with the recipient and you can generate an instant response – whether that be visits to your website or an email back to enquire about your services.

We design and write email newsletters, and a big thank you to all those customers that responded to our latest ezine about ‘How to generate more sales leads in the construction sector’ – it really is encouraging to hear positive feedback and encouragement from colleagues in the industry that we specialise in.

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Facts & figures on social media & e-marketing: Infographic

SEO, Social media and digital marketing effectiveness 

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Top tips for hosting an editor visit

Editor visits to your company are one of the best ways to build a good relationship with the media and generate opportunities for in-depth features.

We regularly organise editor visits to a company or factory on behalf of our clients, so here are our top tips for making sure that a visit goes as well as possible:

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We’re b2b, do we really need to be on Twitter?

On a number of occasions we’ve been talking to a new b2b client and they’ve said something on the lines of ‘I don’t think we need to be on Twitter because not many of our customers use it’.  So I decided to write this blog explaining why b2b companies really do need to be on Twitter.

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Ad blocking apps drive demand for well written online content

Apps that block ads have been around for some time although they have received much more press recently because of their increasing use. Here we take a look at ad blocking apps and find out how manufacturers of building materials can avoid falling into their trap.

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