Why do businesses need good photography?

We’ve all heard business people say these days mobile phones have such good cameras then there is no need to pay for a photographer. In many cases, our PR team would agree with this and we often take photographs when we’re at an event or covering a story, so there is no need for a photographer.  However, there are also cases when a professional photographer is essential.

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Why it pays to appoint a fully integrated PR agency!

Here our PR team looks at the revolution that has been taking place in Public Relations and the benefits of appointing an agency that can provide integrated communications and digital services.

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How do I measure the effectiveness of PR?

We are often asked by potential clients; how do you measure the effectiveness of a PR campaign? It’s a valid question because all businesses have to show a return on investment and PR is no different to any other aspect of the marketing mix.

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Do National Awareness Days have any relevance to B2B companies?

We’re predominantly a B2B agency, although some of our clients also target the consumer and for them national awareness days can be important. Here's why...

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Blogging has never been more relevant

Here our PR team looks at why companies should be blogging now more than ever.

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Why public relations is food for thought for manufacturers

When it comes to PR for food businesses, we’re not just talking about major FMCG brands or restaurant chains that need a hand.

Here our PR team look at why food and drink manufacturers should be integrating Public Relations and social media into their marketing and communications plans.

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How building product manufacturers can make the most of trade shows

Booking a stand at an exhibition like Ecobuild, UK Construction Week or the RCI Show represents a considerable investment, which is why you need to maximise your presence. These shows, after all, are about return on investment.

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Why it's important to keep your blog updated!

With news and blog pages amongst the most visited areas of a website, it is important for companies to ensure that they are kept as up to date as possible. Here Dragonfly PR looks at the topic in further detail...

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Rebecca tells students how to get ahead in PR

Last week, Dragonfly PR Senior Account Executive, Rebecca Hart was invited back to the university where she studied to offer advice to final year students on how to secure a job after graduating.

Here she shares some of the tips that she gave to them, seven years down the line since graduating...

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How do we celebrate our company's anniversary?

Reaching a significant anniversary in a business is always worth shouting about and one of the best ways of making the most of these milestones is with the help of a PR company.

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Why we think printed magazines are as relevant today as they have ever been!

Here the Dragonfly PR team explains why they think printed magazines, especially trade and regional business titles, are still of great value to buyers, specifiers and end users.

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Why entering awards should be an important part of your marketing and communications plans

The first quarter of the year is a busy time, particularly for trade and business press awards, so here we look at the considerations of whether to enter awards and what the advantages could be to your business.

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How PR can help construction and manufacturing companies grow

The manufacturing sector has started 2018 with a record level of activity, however there are some areas of both manufacturing and construction that could benefit from Public Relations support to help them to achieve their growth objectives.

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Why good copywriting is essential for a website

We’ve been to a couple of website design meetings recently when the company briefing our design team has said “we’d like our new site to be really visual, lots of pretty pictures, it doesn’t matter so much about the words, no one really reads them.”  This on the face of it is understandable, as some websites are too content-heavy and in recent years, it has become much more common to use visual cues to navigate through a website. However, although high quality photography is essential to a website, what must not be underestimated is the power of well written copy.

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The good, the bad and PR: Part 2

In the final working week of 2017, we bring you the last in our two part blog series ‘The Good, the Bad and PR’. To finish on a positive note, Dragonfly PR takes a look back at our favourite PR campaign this year.

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