Open all hours?

Is holding an open day still a good way to promote a business and is it worth all the effort and expense?

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Let's hear it for Yorkshire - God's own country

This week’s blog differs away slightly from our usual topics of PR, construction and manufacturing. Seeing as one of our favourite days of the year, Yorkshire Day, is almost upon us, we decided this is a good time to pay homage to our beautiful county. 

Plus, not only are we going to tell all of the things we love about living and working in God’s own country, we’re also going to mark the run up to Yorkshire Day (1st August) with a competition, so read on for more details…

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Public Relations for Construction: the pros and cons

Our PR team looks at the benefits of Public Relations compared to advertising and explains why your marketing budget would be better invested in a communications strategy that includes both, rather than one or the other.

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How PR can help manufacturers and b2b companies to expand into international markets

Manufacturers are finding they can benefit from PR support to secure new business opportunities in international markets.

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How to spot fake news

Whether the term ‘fake news’ was coined by Donald Trump or not, it seems to have got into our vocabulary – and also into our search engines and social media accounts. In fact, it is everywhere, so here our social media manager looks at some of the ways to spot it.

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Five things you need to know about PR

PR, really, is in the business of persuasion. It is centered on convincing an audience that a product or service is worth trying. However, unlike advertising that aims to shout a ‘buy me now’ message as loud and clear as possible from the rooftops, PR takes a more subtle approach. Here our team looks at public relations in more detail. 

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Reasons why manufacturers should be using social media

Whether you are active on social media already or are looking for someone to manage your Twitter or LinkedIn accounts and just take that hassle away from you, here we look at why manufacturers, in particular should be using social media.

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Giving manufacturers food for thought about awards

Here our PR team look at why manufacturers should be entering awards and how working with the right public relations agency can help you make it onto the shortlist.

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How PR can add value to a business

As a PR company that specialises in the construction sector we are able to offer our clients a number of ways to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. Here our PR team looks at how PR can increase traffic to your website and ultimately result in more leads for your business. 

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Why do businesses need good photography?

We’ve all heard business people say these days mobile phones have such good cameras then there is no need to pay for a photographer. In many cases, our PR team would agree with this and we often take photographs when we’re at an event or covering a story, so there is no need for a photographer.  However, there are also cases when a professional photographer is essential.

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Why it pays to appoint a fully integrated PR agency!

Here our PR team looks at the revolution that has been taking place in Public Relations and the benefits of appointing an agency that can provide integrated communications and digital services.

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How do I measure the effectiveness of PR?

We are often asked by potential clients; how do you measure the effectiveness of a PR campaign? It’s a valid question because all businesses have to show a return on investment and PR is no different to any other aspect of the marketing mix.

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Do National Awareness Days have any relevance to B2B companies?

We’re predominantly a B2B agency, although some of our clients also target the consumer and for them national awareness days can be important. Here's why...

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Blogging has never been more relevant

Here our PR team looks at why companies should be blogging now more than ever.

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Why public relations is food for thought for manufacturers

When it comes to PR for food businesses, we’re not just talking about major FMCG brands or restaurant chains that need a hand.

Here our PR team look at why food and drink manufacturers should be integrating Public Relations and social media into their marketing and communications plans.

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