Google Analytics - Back to Basics

So, you have a new website and before your web designer moves on to his/her next project, make sure they set up Google Analytics to allow you to monitor and track visitors to your website.

Google Analytics is great for monitoring how many people visit your site, where visitors are landing, how long they spend on pages, plus much more.

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6 content ideas for your company page on Linkedin

Many of our clients want to build a strong presence on Linkedin, but keeping a company page up to date with regular content can be a challenge. There are currently more than 3 million company pages on Linkedin and reports suggest that users are almost 50% more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn so it's a missed opportunity if you don't have a company page.

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Do e-Newsletters work?

The short answer is yes, done properly, they do. E-newsletters are a great way to communicate with existing and new customers. They connect directly with the recipient and you can generate an instant response  whether that be visits to your website or an email back to enquire about your services.

We design and write email newsletters, and a big thank you to all those customers that responded to our latest ezine about How to generate more sales leads in the construction sector it really is encouraging to hear positive feedback and encouragement from colleagues in the industry that we specialise in.

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10 reasons to be cheerful!

Last year we compiled a list of reasons to be cheerful 2014 and this year we thought we’d take a look at the reasons to be happy 2015

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